Book Review: The Best Man by Natasha Anders

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Alpha Men’ I liked ‘The Wingman’ but not that much. But it’s a new series and I’m still a bit high from reading ‘The Ruthless Proposition’ the reason why I’m trying this new series. Let’s find out a bit more about ‘The Best Man’…. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Main Characters: Daffodil […]

Book Review: A Proposal Worth Millions by Sophie Pembroke

“Attraction…. It’s just that. We all feel it from time to time, with all sorts of people; it’s what we do with it count. Sometimes we ignore it, and sometimes we act on it and see what happens next.” ~~ Sophie Pembroke (Book: A Proposal worth Millions) After reading ‘From Good Guy to Groom’ I […]

Book Review: The Wingman by Natasha Anders

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Alpha Men’ After reading ‘A Ruthless Proposition’ there was no way I would not have tried another one of Ms. Anders books. ‘The Wingman’ caught my attention. So let’s find out what’s it about and how entertaining it is…. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Main Characters: Daisy McGregor, Mason Carlisle. ‘The Wingman […]

Book Review: From Good Guy to Groom by Tracy Madison

Series: Book 6 in ‘The Colorado Fosters’. “Love isn’t easy, but when it’s right….when you know deep in your gut that you’ve found the right woman, leaving words unsaid will haunt you. Every damn minute of every damn day.” ~~ Tracy Madison (Book: From Good Guy to Groom) Sometimes I end up taking a dislike […]

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