Book Review: Knight in Black Leather by Caro LaFever

Series: Book 11 in the ‘International Billionaires’. “Love wasn’t about one thing, or one time, or one moment. Love wasn’t about keeping a count of wrongs and rights. Love was about endless moments blended into a Kaleidoscope of pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow.” ~~ Caro LaFever (Book: Knight in Black Leather) I liked the […]

Book Review: No Desire Denied by Cara Summers

Series: Book 3 in the series ‘Castle MacPherson Series Another one I picked without checking if it’s a standalone. I decided to read it, hoping that I wouldn’t feel something missing while reading. Let’s begin the review of ‘No Desire Denied’… Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense. Main Characters: Nell MacPherson, Reid Sutherland. ‘No Desire Denied by […]

Book Review: A Perfect Wife by Caro LaFever

Series: Book 5 in the ‘International Billionaires’. “Silence often crushed an enemy better than a mountain of words.” ~~ Caro LaFever (Book: A Perfect Wife) After reading ‘Laird of the Highlands’ I thought I should read another one. But this time I should get one from the Kindle Unlimited. It just took me too much […]

Book Review: Married to the Tycoon’s Empire by Abby Green

Series: Book in the ‘Brides for the Billionaires’. So far I’m not having a good time with my decision to continue to read Mills and Boon novels. It seems these stories are stuck in a time warp and there’s no freshness in them. Since I was going to get at least one of these books, […]

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