Book Review: The Wedding Duel by Katy Madison

Series: Book 1 in the ‘The Dueling Pistols’. “Some things were just better left unsaid, unheard unthought.” ~~ Katy Madison (Book: The Wedding Duel) I probably would not have read this book, if it were not part of a box-set, just because of the cover. Why change such a nice cover and exchange it with […]

Book Review: Not So Perfect Princess by Melissa McClone

“Effecting change meant not passively wanting and hoping, but required real, risk taking leadership.” ~~ Melissa McClone (Book: Not So Perfect Princess) This one is also part of a 3 in 1 box set called ‘One Summer At The Beach’. Before diving into the book I checked its cover on Goodreads. Turns out, this one […]

Book Review: Lola Carlyle Reveals All by Rachel Gibson

“If a person gains any sort of notoriety, for any reason, there are people who want to use you to get their face in the media. To get attention. They don’t like you; they just want to be seen with you.” ~~ Rachel Gibson (Book: Lola Carlyle Reveals All) This book has been calling me […]

Book Review: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire by Natalie Anderson

Series: Book 5 in the ‘Nights of Passion’. “No one truly wants a lonely life. Not many people chose to reject the possibility, the hope of love.” ~~ Natalie Anderson (Book: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire) This story is part of 3 in one box-set I downloaded on Kindle. I know I should stop, considering […]

Book Review: His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens

Series: Book 4 in ‘The Skavanga Diamonds’. After ranting how I’m not going to finish this series in previous reviews, I have read the final installment in the series ‘His Forbidden Diamond.’ And now that I have invested my time reading, thinking and writing about it, there’s no way I can keep it all with […]

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