Launched on 9 July 2014, Romanceaholic Anonymous is all about discovering romantic books!

We share with you reviews of only romance books with happily-ever-after! (What you’d not find here is: dark romance/erotica.)

The Story behind the Blog and the Name:

I love reading romantic novels! I review romance books on my other blog too. But that blog is not dedicated to one genre. And  I started missing reading romance novels. Before that I never thought I have a type in books. But I do.

That’s when I started paying attention to the idea of having a dedicated blog for only romantic novels.

I had no idea what I was going to name it for while. Then just a day before the launch, I came up with Romanceaholic Anonymous and I decided to go ahead with the name.

It might not be what experts would approve (as it’s long and most find it difficult to pronounce ;)) but it’s the one I like.

Hoping, I’d be able to help you find some cool new/old romantic novels.

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