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Book Review: The Most Scandalous Ravensdale by Melanie Milburne

Series: Book 4 in ‘The Ravensdale Scandals’ “Relationships can get knocked off course by all sorts of things. Bad health, financial stress, kids or lack of thereof, interfering relatives….the list is endless.” ~~ Melanie Milburne (Book: The Most Scandalous Ravensdale) I wondered if there could be anything scandalous about this story. There was only one […]

Book Review: The Sheikh’s Last Mistress by Rachael Thomas

I don’t find the ‘Sheikh’ trope appealing, as I find the plot too fantastical and something stupid at times. So I don’t go for these books often. Anyways, I have to try once in a while to see if someone has written something that would have some appeal. Let’s find out how the story goes […]

Book Review: The Bride Fonseca Needs by Abby Green

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Billionaire Brothers’. I recognized the name and picked the book. After all, I enjoyed reading ‘When Da Silva Breaks the Rules’ & ‘Married to the Tycoon’s Empire’. So why not try another one. Let’s find out a bit about ‘The Bride Fonseca Needs’…. Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon. Main […]

Book Review: Music of the Night by Nancy Herkness

“The compulsion to create cannot be stopped, no matter what obstacles you put in its way.” ~~ Nancy Herkness (Book: Music of the Night) When you cannot decide which book to download to fill your Kindle Unlimited quota, going with yet another book of an author whose books you liked before, makes perfect sense. I […]

Book Review: Twelve Nights of Temptation by Barbara Dunlop

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Whisky Bay Brides’ I do end up liking the cover of this line, but this time I read the blurb as well. Let’s move on to the synopsis & the review of the ‘Twelve Nights of Temptation’….. Genre: Contemporary Romance, Harlequin. Main Characters: Tasha Lowell, Matt Emerson. ‘Twelve Nights of […]

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