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Book Review: Only Wheat Not White by Varsha Dixit

Just like always I downloaded it with the intention of reading instantly. I remembered it when most Indie Indian authors were busy disappointing me with their lackluster writing and books. For some reason I thought it’s traditionally published. Anyways, let’s talk a little about the story…. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Main Characters: Eila Sood, Brett Wright. […]

Book Review: Taming the Beast by Lucy King

Series: Book 3 in the ‘fairy Tales of New York’ I still remember how much of a horror show ‘Pursued by the Rogue’ was, yet I thought, let’s read another book in this boring series. So here I’m with a review of ‘Taming the Beast’…. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Main Characters: Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Hernandez; Sebastian ‘Seb’ […]

Book Review: No Escape from Love by Reet Singh

My quest to find the elusive – The One of the Indian Romance scene continues. I have decided to play a little safe after the ‘Scorpio Superstar’ debacle. So I picked another book from a previously published Mills and Boon author. Let’s find out if it’s any better… Genre: Contemporary Indian Romance. Main Characters: Mohini […]

Book Review: Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride by Sheri Whitefeather

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Billionaire Brother’s Club’. It’s not difficult to tell what kind of story you’d find inside. I expected something like Kat Cantrell’s the ‘Best Friend Bride’. But…. Genre: Contemporary Romance. Mills and Boon. Main Characters: Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ McQueen, Max Marquez. ‘Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride by Sheri Whitefeather’ ~~ Synopsis: Lizzie and […]

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