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Book Review: A Bride for the Runaway Groom by Scarlet Wilson

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Summer Weddings’

It’s time to pick a book that’s story driven. And if you want to read a good clean storyline, then you must pick Mills and Boon book that comes in light pink colored cover. I’m not joking.

The blurb of the book promises a good story about a runaway groom.

Let’s see how the story of ‘A Bride for the Runaway Groom’ is….

Genre: Romance. Contemporary Romance. Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Rose Huntingdon-Cross, Will Carter

‘A Bride for the Runaway Groom by Scarlet Wilson’ ~~ Synopsis:

As a PR agent Rose works magic for the promotion of her father’s rock band. But her real dream is to create her own jewelry business.

She’s planning to begin work on her dream once she’s done with the new publicity gig for her father’s rock band.

To her surprise, it seems her dream would have to wait as her parents are planning to renew their wedding vows and want Rose to organize their dream wedding.

Rose knows how to handle and manipulate the media. After a terrible incident three years ago, Rose learned it’s better to control one’s image than let the media create it for you.

As much as she loves working on promoting her father’s band and is happy that her parents have decided to remarry. Rose also doesn’t want to do it. But she could not say no as she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents.

Then there’s a small matter of her getting stuck with the famous runaway groom and her twin sister’s best friend – Will Carter.

Rose doesn’t know how she’s going to get time for her dream in all the commotion around her.

Unlike the picture media has painted of him, Will wants to get married. He came close to getting married four times.

Instead of getting married, every time he ends up running away at the last moment.

For some reason, only at the last minute he comes to the conclusion that the bride is more interested in the ‘wedding’ than just marrying him.

When Will meets Rose, he’s not expecting to like her instantly. He certainly cannot make a move on her as Rose is his best friend’s sister and he doesn’t want to get engaged on an impulse once again.

But he does need a good PR agent to put some spotlight on the homeless charity he supports. And it seems Rose is the right person for the job.

The only trouble is she doesn’t want to be around him. When she agrees, she asks him to agree to help her arrange her parents’ wedding. She has no experience in organizing weddings and he almost got married four times.

Weddings are one thing Will wants to stay away from for a while, even if it’s organizing someone else’s wedding.

He wants his Runaway groom image to die. Planning a wedding with Rose wouldn’t help with his cause.

But his desire to spend some time with Rose wins over and he agrees to help her. Rose promises to come up with an eye-catching idea to draw attention to his favored charity.

The more time they spend together the more they find out how similar their ideas of love and life are.

While Will isn’t scared to take one more leap of faith. Rose doesn’t want to as she no longer trusts her instincts and doesn’t want to be the fifth bride left by Will.


I certainly got lucky and picked a good collection of Mills and Boon books last time I visited the library.

One after another, it’s a good story, reminding me of good old days when I liked reading Mills and Boon books just because of the good short reads they are.

‘A Bride for the Runaway Groom’ is entertaining. It’s a smooth run towards the end, until the end arrives and I didn’t like it much.

I know the story slowly builds up towards the HEA ending, but it’s a case of too much too soon plus too sweet. Except this one issue, I enjoyed the story and liked Rose & Will’s character.

I thought if I found another book in the series I would get it for sure. Then I found out that books in this series are written by different authors. I don’t read that kind of series (read: mess). So I’d gladly skip.

I would have given it a 4, but the ending is weak and unconvincing.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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