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Book Review: A Lady Can Never be too Curious by Mary Wine

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Steam Gaurdians’.

This one joins the list of books that I get only because the cover is good looking and instantly caught my attention!

It’s still quite pretty to look at.

Let’s get to the review of ‘A Lady Can Never be too curious by Mary Wine’….

Genre: Historical-Steampunk-Paranormal Romance.

Main Characters: Janette Aston, Darius Lawley.

‘A Lady Can Never be too curious by Mary Wine’ ~~ Synopsis:

Janette an intelligent and curious young lady feels trapped by the rules of the society that demands she behaves like a fool.

But her mother has made sure over the years that despite her father’s disapproval, Janette studied. Janette has a special interest in science.

She’s fascinated by the men and women, who are part of a secret society called – the Illuminist.

The Illuminists are a secretive organization, consisting of people with great knowledge. They are feared and shunned by the people of high-class. They are outcasts, but Janette longs to find out more about their society and maybe even become part of their group.

So one day she takes a chance and enters their headquarters under disguise.

She discovers a whole new world inside the headquarters where even women are treated equally.

Before she can find out more, Janette’s discovered and her discovery stirs Illuminists interest in her. Turns out she’s a pure spirit, someone who can handle crystals they use to power their innovations.

They want Janette on their side. But what they want does not matter as the rule of the organization states that she should be the one desirous of joining their world.

The group does not want her to fall in the hands of their enemies. So she needs protection. So they send one of their trusted guardians Darius to find out more about her.

So Darius meets Janette at a society event. The time she spends chatting with Darius at the party, makes her father furious.

Her father is sure talking to Darius has corrupted her daughter’s mind in some manner. So he decides to send her to a treatment.

Janette does not want to go. Women lives in the fear of being sent away for a treatment.

Janette’s leaves without making a fuss as she’s sure she’s better chance of getting out of her predicament if she thought about the solution instead of creating a fuss.

But her best friend, Sophie is not sure that Janette would be able to escape on her own. So Sophie decides to contact Darius and asks for his help.

Darius saves Janette from the institution and brings her to his world. Janette sees that she can’t go back to the world she thought was hers decides to become part of the Illuminist society.

Janette has done nothing to give anyone any reason to suspect her, but Darius doesn’t trust her. And that’s because of her mother’s past.

Janette’s mother was an Illuminist too, but went into hiding when she fell to a conspiracy.  

Janette doesn’t know how to handle her relationship with Darius. She can’t ignore him as she’s attracted to him. He seems to like her too, but is always pushing her away from him along with making her angry.


I love the romance and not sure if I have a better understanding of ‘Steampunk’ genre.

The romance part is good; the chemistry between the main characters is good too.

However, there’s also some weird sort of tension between them that’s uncomfortable.

I think the blame lays with Darius for creating a tense atmosphere for no reason by repeatedly warning Janette about his ‘dark nature’.

Also, not much is mentioned about his past. There’s a hint about heartbreak, but again not much information there either. So you could understand the character, his actions and insecurities a little better.

I found his continuous warnings annoying. Then there are issues like scenes abruptly ending and starting somewhere else. This story made me feel as if it left some questions answered.


 ‘A Lady Can Never be too Curious’ is a good read and will keep the romance reader in you engaged.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3 stars/5.

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