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Book Review: A Perfect Wife by Caro LaFever

Series: Book 5 in the ‘International Billionaires’.

“Silence often crushed an enemy better than a mountain of words.” ~~ Caro LaFever (Book: A Perfect Wife)

After reading ‘Laird of the Highlands I thought I should read another one. But this time I should get one from the Kindle Unlimited. It just took me too much time to publish this review.

Let’s find out how ‘A Perfect Wife’ turns out…

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Natalie Globenko, Aetos Zenos.

‘A Perfect Wife by Caro LaFever’ ~~ Synopsis:

Aetos proves his father’s words wrong and become a successful businessman. From where he is looking, there’s nothing lacking in his life. Not even a wife. So what if she exists only in the name and not in reality.

Going ahead with that charade has earned him more business over the years and it also prevents his mother’s side of family nagging him to settle down.

Yes, they want to meet his wife, but that’s never going to happen as he has no plan to visit his grandparents and extended family any time soon. For the last seventeen years, he hasn’t visited them.

There’s no reason to change his pattern now. Not until one day, almost all his family members begin to call him to inform him that his wife is so nice.

When his grandmother demands that they visit, Aetos is sure the old woman is suffering from some mental illness. Something that needs to be treated, good thing he has lots of money to arrange for a good care.

But when he thinks about it, something about it all seems strange, so Aetos decides to investigate.

Natalie is on the run and is doing everything she can to stay one step ahead of the mob. But she’s not sure for how long she can dodge those people.

Once Natalie found out about what kind of business her father was involved in, she tried her best to stay away from it all. But not her brother, just like her father, he fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up dead.

Now the mob is after her as her brother led them to believe that she has their fifty thousand dollars.

Natalie does not even have enough money to buy food anymore. Where she’s going to get fifty thousand dollars is beyond her. But the mob is not ready to listen to her.

She has even let go of her job. The day she almost admits defeat, she hears two men raving and ranting, how they managed to fool everyone from business associates to family members into believing in a marriage that is not so.

She feels sad for the people at the receiving end and disgusted by the ruthless attitude of the braggart.

She turns around to have a look at the person ranting and recognizes him as Aetos Zenos. The journalist in her quickly realizes the important information she has. She wants to expose Aetos.

But stops as there’s a good chance the mob would be able to track her if she went to her previous employer to sell the story. Instead, she decides to take advantage and hide in one of his places as his fake wife.

She decides she will run away from his house soon, but things quickly get out of hand. And she finds herself facing angry Aetos demanding explanation.

She does not explain, but soon finds out Aetos won’t allow her to leave. Not before she pretends some more to be his wife for his family.

She gives in to his demand as its better than staying in the country and getting caught and killed by the mob. If she’s not around, the mob would have no one to hunt and harass for money she doesn’t have.

So they begin their journey towards Aetos home to meet his family. Her family quickly warms up to Natalie and Natalie to them.

Except Aetos, he maintains distant and just want to do monetary help and go back to his life in America.

Natalie doesn’t know what his problem is, but she soon might find out as she doesn’t give up.


Just like the last two times, I got what I was looking for. It’s not difficult to feel for Natalie and same goes with Aetos. As you get to know more about his past much later in the story.

And since he’s so angst ridden character, I thought maybe, the author would decide not to tell his secret. But you get to know his reasons too. And the story begins to move in a different direction.

Though, I think I’m seeing a pattern here. The heroes are all so angst-y and emotionless. 😀

I like Ms. Lafever’s way of telling an old story idea in an engaging manner. Otherwise, I’d not have gone back thrice to read books by the same author in a short while.

Hit or Miss: Hit

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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