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Book Review: A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders

I was browsing the Kindle Unlimited book jungle to look for new books when I first saw this one. I think it’s been over a year.

I kept thinking how different the storyline could be – isn’t it the same old idea I have read a lot of times in Mills and Boon novels.

But when I saw the book again, I thought maybe I should get it. It’s not as if I couldn’t return it instantly in case I end up with issues.

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Cleopatra Pandora Knight, Dante Damaso.

‘A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders’ ~~ Synopsis:

Saying that Cleo doesn’t like her new boss – and her brother’s best friend – Dante Damaso is the understatement. He’s arrogant and she’s sure he too barely tolerates her in the absence of his permanent assistant.

There’s a time when she’s dreaming and training to become a dancer, until an injury ended her dream career. Now-a-days she swings from one temporary job to another.  

Cleo is aware that she may have got the new job only because Dante knows her brother and not on her own merit. That’s why she’s more determined to not screw-up the chance she’d got.  

On a business trip to Tokyo, the unexpected happens – they fall in bed together and for the rest of the trip it was as if they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Cleo understands without being told that this thing between them is not just unexpected and unwanted, but should also be kept in the strictly personal territory, not to be mentioned again.

After working for Dante for a while, one thing she knows for sure – he doesn’t do relationships or commitment. She does not have any problem with his – no strings attached rule. It’s not as if she likes him.

Till he displays the kind of rude behavior that not just leaves Cleo fuming with anger, but also a bit hurt.

From Dante’s viewpoint, it’s must to proceed with his relationship with Cleo in the same fashion he deals with all his intimate relationships. He doesn’t want her to get any ideas. He’s also resenting the lack of control he displayed by getting involved with his one and only best friend’s younger sister.

Dante knows he should have stayed away from Cleo for the sake of his friendship. Her brother is the only true friend, he has.

But now that it happened, nothing could be done other than making sure both parties stay quiet about their lapse in judgment. He’s sure he’d be over his lust for Cleo soon, but the trouble is he wants more and it’s a bad idea.

To further throw his life in chaos, Cleo informs him that she’s pregnant and keeping the child and he should tell her what kind of role, if any, he wants to play in his child’s life.  

The last thing Cleo wanted to do was ask for Dante’s help in raising her child.

She also doesn’t want to bother her brother, nor does she want to reveal who the father of her child is. But she has no other option as she doesn’t have a steady job or any job due to Dante’s outburst or any saved money.

She’s sure she’d manage somehow, but she does want Dante to help with at least their child’s upbringing, even if he doesn’t want to be in the picture.

When Dante calms down, he accepts Cleo terms and even wants to hang around to find out what kind of role he wants to play in the child’s life.

But he’s reluctant to get into a relationship for any reason, despite not being able to get Cleo out of his mind.


I have already mentioned my reason to not download this book the first time and afterwards I saw it. But what a silly reason it turned out to be.

Once I started reading ‘A Ruthless Proposition’ I was like – wow the author has given the same old idea new twists and turns. And my favorite – lots of tension, angst and drama before we finally get to the HEA. Phew!

I was not expecting to like Dante’s character at all. But by the time it all ends, I was strangely okay with him as well.

‘A Ruthless Proposition’ is one melodramatic ride to the HEA and I loved reading it. The story is not insta-love and the writing style is so good.

Hit or Miss: Hit

Ratings: 4star/5.

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