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BOOK REVIEW: Alexander & Rebecca by Marianne Knightly

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Royals of Valleria’.

“Infatuation can easily be confused with love, especially the first time. Make sure you’re in love with the woman she is and not the woman you think she could be.” ~~ Marianne Knightly (Book One: Alexander & Rebecca)

I’m not much into reading ‘contemporary royal romance novels’. At least, to me monarchy makes no sense in this day or age. So I’m more into reading such romances if they’re set in history.

But the book was free and I couldn’t remember reading such story before, so I thought why not see how it will turn out.

Genre: Romance.

Main Characters: Rebecca Campo, Prince Alexander.

‘Alexander & Rebecca by Marianne Knightly’ ~~ Synopsis:

Prince Alexander, heir to the throne of Valeria, believed himself to be in love with Rebecca for years. Only in the last few years he comes to the conclusion that his feelings for Rebecca are not infatuation.

After sorting out his feelings, he wants to know what Rebecca thinks about him. To know her views he needs to talk to her in person.

But arranging a secret meeting with his love-interest is a tricky matter for him. As an heir, he’s almost always in the spotlight and people want to who he’s dating.

Before knowing Rebecca’s views about him, Alexander doesn’t want to risk anyone, knowing about his feelings or plan. In the recent past Alexander’s maneuvered several work situations to meet Rebecca. This time’s no different, he’s sure he’ll find a reason (or invent one) to meet her. 😉

When he’s about to meet his twin sister Princess Catherine, for whom Rebecca works as a chief of staff, Alexander finds a way to meet Rebecca alone.

On the other hand,

Rebecca too likes Alexander. It’s difficult not to, when she grew up with around the royal family, thanks to her early friendship with the Princess. But she knows he’s out of her reach as she’s a commoner that to daughter of a royal gardener. 

Logical thinking doesn’t help Rebecca much when it comes to meeting him face to face though.

Rebecca always feels nervous around Alexander and meeting him has almost turned into a regular affair in the last few months. She does and doesn’t look forward to meeting him.

When Rebecca trips on Alexander and everyone begins to make a huge deal out of the incident, Alexander sees an opportunity to meet her.

Alexander surprises Rebecca by sharing his feelings for her. Rebecca does not believe him.

But Alexander insists if she feels the same for him, then he wants her as his wife, even if someone objects. But Alexander assures her, not many would and his family probably won’t either. 

All of a sudden Rebecca isn’t sure about her feelings for him or if she wants to act on her desire to date. She’s most unsure of Alexander’s feelings.

So she’s loved him from a distance while growing up, but the question is….does she really love him.

If she does, is she strong enough to handle the possible rejections from his family or people of the country or the possibility of becoming Queen one day?

While she’s sorting out her feelings for Alexander, they begin dating secretly.

But a threat to the royal family, especially Alexander & Rebecca threaten to destroy their budding relationship.

Someone wants Alexander dead and to get to him, they begin to target Rebecca.

It becomes difficult for them to hide their relationship from the world when someone’s keeping an eye on them to find a way to make their next move.  

“Any marriage is difficult. There are ups and downs, fights and making up, misunderstanding and just about everything you can think of. It wouldn’t be easy to accept all of that on top of royal duties and having a life in the public eye.” ~~ Marianne Knightly (Book One: Alexander & Rebecca)


I put the book down many times, not because I couldn’t get into it. I just liked it from the start and wanted to read it when I would have more time to invest in it exclusively.

Alas! Leisure time is in short supply these days, so I finally decided to just read it and maybe reread it if in the future. After all, I have on my Kindle.

I loved reading about both characters. They complement each other as they seem to have almost similar personalities.

It’s a sweet and cute kind of romance, which I approve (mostly after the high dose of reading about rogues or difficult heroes). 😉

The suspense almost at the end was a surprise. I’d not have complained of the lack of it, yet it adds more excitement to the story.

You’d probably like reading it if you love reading ‘contemporary royal romance’ (or modern day fairy tales) stories set in the 21st century.

Hit Or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 5 stars/ 5.

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