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Book Review: Baby by Accident by Caro LaFever

Series: Book 3 in the ‘International Billionaires’.

“Love isn’t about being perfect. It’s about loving imperfection. Love is about forgiving as well as being forgiven.” ~~ Caro LaFever (Book: Baby by Accident)

Since I don’t have much fondness for babies trope in the Romance novels, I wasn’t planning to read ‘Baby by Accident ~~ Caro LaFever’ anytime soon.

But then for some reason that I can’t remember I started reading the story and it became clear I’m not leaving it until I finish.

So let’s see if the story in ‘Baby by Accident ~~ Caro LaFever’ engaging till the end…..

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Lise Helton,

‘Baby by Accident by Caro LaFever’ ~~ Synopsis:

Lately, everything seems to be going wrong in Lise’s carefully crafted life.

After the death of her father, their family business is taken over by an arrogant Italian businessman who seems to want to destroy the company.

But as long as she’s the COO, she’s ready to fight his destructive schemes to save her family’s legacy company.

She also knows that he wants to fire her. But there’s no way he would make such a move, unless he wants other people in the company to resist his leadership too.

Lise thought, at least, her personal life’s moving without problems until her fiancé informs her, she’s cold and that’s why he’s breaking up with her.

All of a sudden, everything seems to be falling around her. She does not know what to do other than drown her sorrows temporarily in alcohol over the weekend.

The first impression Vico formed of Lise: she’s an ice princess, who looks down on him and there’s no way he’d ever find her in a bar drunk. But when he runs into Lise in a bar, he comes up with a wicked plan.

He dislikes her, but there’s something about her that he likes. So he wonders what if he takes her to his home instead of hers. It’d be humiliating for her to wake up in the morning and see her enemy.

With that wicked thought Vico sleeps next to Lise and they end up making out just before the morning.

In the morning Lise runs away to the safety of her house and begins to wonder how to deal with the new mess in her life. Of course, she would ignore what happened like she’s trained to do.

Vico begins to get irritated with Lise’s cold behavior and her disappearing act the morning after. But he cannot do much about her cold and resistant attitude towards him.

Not until he begins to notice that she’s not looking healthy. A possibility enters his mind. So Vico confronts Lise and Lise tells him that the baby isn’t his.

After finding about her pregnancy Lise decides to not tell Vico. But somehow he finds out and blackmails her into marrying him.

She has no hopes from a playboy like him to honor his wedding vows. He surprises her when she sees a change in his challenging attitude.

But she wonders how long a marriage that’s founded on distrust would survive?


The one thing is for sure Ms. LaFever’s knows how to create angst ridden characters without making you hate them.

The story of ‘Baby by Accident by Caro LaFever’ and charged with anger from both parties, Lise & Vico. Yes, this time you’d read about two hot-headed & stubborn characters.

But a verbal clash between the main characters until the end isn’t romantic. That’s what Lise & Vico is about – anger & resent.

The bitterness between Lise & Vico lingers for so long that I started to wonder if it’s romance. In the end, I started wondering why so much drama in revealing Vico’s past. Reading the last chapter was exhausting.

I understand that in real life we don’t let go of grudges and resentments easily. But it’s a romantic fiction, not reality. I didn’t like such a heavy dose of enmity & resentment simmering between the main characters.

Also, how Vico’s always around loving family didn’t even once question, the bitterness between them? The atmosphere is toxic & suffocating.

Almost forgot…I didn’t like the stunt Vico pulls at the beginning at all. So what if Lise disagreed with him?

The consent is implied in the story, but something about the scenario just didn’t sit well with me.

Is it consent: if the person is drunk, asleep, assumes that they are alone in their own bed and is having an erotic dream involving someone they don’t like?

Is it a valid consent if the person has no idea who they’re sleeping next to and consenting in reality and not in a dream?

My impression so far is: the author writes sweet sizzling contemporary romance.

With that stunt, it moves into darker romance territory, which was a surprise for me and not a pleasant one. I didn’t sign up to read that.

 “Life was about giving and talking and loving and wanting. It wasn’t about hiding, ignoring, stifling.” ~~ Caro LaFever (Book: Baby by Accident)

Hit or Miss: Not good.

Ratings: 1stars/5.

Buy: Amazon

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