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BOOK REVIEW: In Bed with the Competition by J. K Coi

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Bad Boy Bosses’ series.

“Sometimes taking risks was necessary, both personally and professionally. If you didn’t risk anything, you would never have anything worth losing.” ~~ J. K Coi (Book: In Bed With The Competition)

There was no need to read the blurb as the title is self-explanatory. 😉 Maybe that’s the reason why I downloaded the book.

But I’m having difficulty remembering why I downloaded this book. So when I found it, I rifled through it for a few minutes to decide if I should continue. After a while, I realized it seems like a short read. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. 😉

Let’s see how ‘In Bed With The Competition’ is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Benjamin Harrison, Elizabeth Carlson.

‘In Bed with the Competition by J. K Coi ‘ ~~ Synopsis:

A year ago Ben & Beth were friends, co-workers and probably would have ended up as lovers too. If only Beth knew how to take risks and let the past stay in the past. Ben saw the chance to mix business with pleasure. But Beth only saw the destruction of their friendship. Following Beth’s rejection, Ben moved to New York and started his own company.

Despite, Beth’s aversion to risk taking, she begins a startup of her own along with her brother. To make it a success, they need an investor. Attending the industry convention is a one way of showing off their products and trying to get the investment they need.

Somewhere in her head, Beth knows there’s a high chance of meeting Ben, whose company has developed a near similar product to Beth’s company. That makes them rival startups and there will be competition to grab the attention of the same audience, industry leaders and investors.

Beth knows from her previous experience that Ben is the only competition, she has at the convention. Just like it’s in the past. She also knows, he doesn’t like to lose and might try every trick he knows to get attention of the investor they’re after too.

Ben might even win, but she can’t give up, not after putting so much hard work in her company. She wants to succeed as much as Ben; though she might not be ready to use dirty tricks to get the investment.  

Ben along with his business partner is attending the convention with only one aim: the investment and exposure for his company. He’s not expecting to run into Beth….the onslaught of all the feelings he’d for her….and the bitter memory of her rejection.

It’s not as if Beth’s aware of the sexual tension between them. But she chooses to ignore it all as she believes two people, who are driven to succeed in their careers, wouldn’t make a happy couple or home. Just the way her parents couldn’t.

Ben, she knows, is driven & focused to succeed that a family might not feature in his world domination plan. But she wants more than a successful career. She wants a family, where people pay attention to each other and not leave them to fend for themselves.

Then there’s her brother, the only family she has, who she wants to help stay out of trouble. While they are at the convention, Beth & Ben know it’s not possible to ignore meeting each other. Ben’s not interested in ignoring Beth at all.

They also agree to do a presentation together, giving them more time and opportunity to spend time with each other while trying to outshine another. 

Beth begins to wonder if she’d have some fun without getting her feelings hurt and Ben’s thinking the same. What they are not counting on is their feelings getting out of their control.


I liked the story, the main characters and even the secondary ones. Of course, the setting. Still, ‘In Bed With The Competition’ for me at least, turned out to be a story with an average story-line with a good cover and an inviting title. The story didn’t engage me much or for long. It’s an okay read, so I didn’t abandon it.  

Hit Or Miss: Hit.

Ratings. 3 stars/5.

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