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Book Review: Billionaire Boss, M.D. by Olivia Gates

Series: Book 5 in the ‘The Billionaires of the Blackcastle’.

“Those abandoned as children grappled with not only trust issues, but with sometimes crippling feelings of worthlessness all their lives.” ~~ Olivia Gates (Billionaire Boss, M.D.)

Some days I stare at a title to make out what I’m reading and still not be able to make any sense. ‘Billionaire Boss, M.D.’ is one such title.

What was the need to add M.D.? Maybe writing genius would have sufficed?

Despite the warning bells going off somewhere in my head, I thought, let’s give this book a chance…

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Dr. Liliana Accardi, Antonio Balducci.

‘Billionaire Boss M.D. by Olivia Gates’ ~~ Synopsis:

Liliana’s life revolves around her research. So when she finds out that some billionaire surgeon has acquired the lab, she wonders if she & her colleagues would be allowed to work on their present projects.

Or would they be expected to start afresh on projects that the new boss thinks important.

All she sees is a gloom and doom in her near professional future. Unlike her colleagues who seem happy with the transition and in awe of their new boss and his charming ways.  

When she meets Antonio, she’s sure; he would not care about projects that might not make him immediate profit. Her project is such.

He’s probably lost touch with the reason he became a surgeon in the first place. But she hasn’t.

She resolves not to let go of her project. No matter how much he’d try to charm her, she would not fall for his sweet words like all her colleagues have.  

Antonio was not expecting any troubles after acquiring the new lab where Liliana works. But he didn’t count on failing to charm the one person he wants to charm the most, to make his plan a success.

Liliana seems bent on opposing him, no matter what move he makes. The more he pushes her to stay, the more she wants to leave the lab. In the end, she surprises him by quitting.

He cannot allow Liliana to quit. That’s not his motive. She is the person who could get him in the family that left him with a heartless organization, changing his life forever.


Some days I do entertain the idea of sitting with the wayward cover crazy reader in my head and having a serious talk about the importance of not wasting time finishing boring stories.

So far all my attempts have failed.

From the start I had issues getting into this story. Blame it on the boringly perfect characters and their pretentious dialogues. I want to know exactly who talks like that in a day to day life.

Maybe dialogues were written with Thesaurus around.  

For a moment I too felt I should change simple, silly words with complicated sounding words to sound like a genius that I’m certainly am. 😉

But then I found this quote to make myself feel less stupid after reading this story:

“One should use common words to say uncommon things.”  ~~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Maybe the boring dialogues are there to remind us that both characters are geniuses. And geniuses must have their own undecipherable language.

What do mere mortals like me know about that! I have not met a scientist till date.

The only thing I know is, as a romance reader, I don’t read these books to fall asleep.

The characters are boring with a personality of a table. Maybe I’m insulting all the tables in the world. Quite a lot of them are beautifully built, unlike, the story of the ‘Billionaire Boss M.D.’

Even the title sounds pretentious.

Every time I wrote this title or read it while writing the review, I flinched a little. That’s how terrible it is.

By now I’m used to weird titles, but this one could win a contest if there ever was one for ‘The Terrible Romance Titles’.

The end is unbelievable, but the entire story is terrible, so I think I should not complain about the end. The characters have martyr personality.

Both go out of their way to make the other happy. They are also capable of reading each other’s minds; must be a scientist thing.

I didn’t like either character. Both Liliana and Antonio lack depth.   

Before I forget, every one of Antonio’s friends, are perfect. Never mind that perfect people makes for boring characters in almost every story.

By the time the story ends Liliana gets a personality transplant. How else to explain her fatal stunt just a couple of chapters before the end?


This story has trouble, that’s indescribable. Since there’s no shortage of books in today’s self-publishing world, grab another title.

Hit or Miss: Skip it.

Ratings: 1stars/5.

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