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Book Review: Billionaire without a Past by Carol Marinelli

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Irresistible Russian Tycoons’.

“Sometimes it is better to rush. Or we find ourselves in the same place convinced that we have no choice but to stay where we are.” ~~ Carol Marinelli (Book: Billionaire without a Past)

Some days you just want to pick a book and wish everything would turn out good in the end. There’s no harm in indulging in a wishful thinking once in a while.

So I did and got this book without investing any time in reading the blurb or rifling through the book to get some idea.

So let’s find out more about ‘Billionaire without a Past by Carol Marinelli’:

Genre: Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Rachel Cary, Nikolai Eristov.

‘Billionaire without a Past by Carol Marinelli’ ~~ Synopsis:

Nikolai has come a long way after running away from an orphaned to escape the life of abuse and humiliation.

Now he’s successful and has everything one could want. But he feels restless and doesn’t stay in one place. No one knows much about his past and he wants to keep it just like that.

Life of a wandered suits him. But over the years, he’s tracked three of his good friends from the orphanage.

It makes him happy to know that they have made something of themselves too. He would have met them, if not for his past.

They would want to know why he ran away and Nikolai doesn’t think he’d be able to tell and keep his friends from being sympathetic towards him.

He does not want their sympathy. Then their friendship would become awkward and he does not want that.

Nikolai wants none of that. So when he finds out that one of his good friends is getting married, he decides to attend, but under a disguise.

Rachel knows the couple getting married, but she’d have skipped attending the wedding, if her friend hasn’t insisted until she gave in. Her main role there is to keep her pregnant friend company.

If possible she’s also planning to keep the nervousness at bay for leaving her ballet career to start her new career as a critic.

She wants to share her future plans with her friend. But she doesn’t think she can without getting asked why. Then there’s a small issue of her ex, who is all set to marry her cousin. Rachel is not feeling good about it at all, even if they were never serious.  

Soon most of her thoughts flee her mind when Nikolai is spotted and Rachel is asked to keep an eye on him too. So he’d not leave immediately after the wedding is over.

No one can stop him if he wants to leave. But by the time wedding is over Nikolai finds himself liking the idea of spending some more time with Rachel. He also begins to entertain the idea of meeting his long lost friends once and only then disappearing, not to meet ever again. Surely he’d manage this much.

One night is all they’d agree to, but Nikolai finds himself drawn to Rachel like no other. Since he will be in town for a little while longer, would Rachel care to spend time with him?

Rachel’s happy and afraid. She doesn’t do long term relationships, thanks to her own abusive past.

As much as the idea of spending time with Nikolai thrills her, she’s not sure how she’d explain or hide some of her quirks to him, if he stayed around.   


I enjoyed reading this story. I liked both characters. For an angst-y hero Nikolai’s character would surprise you.  

Considering it’s a complicated theme and needs careful handling, the author does a good job in a constricted word space.

Yes, that’s what I’m calling these short stories now…either trying to survive or surviving in a small space. 😉

“It’s time to start saying no to what you don’t want and yes to the things that you do.” ~~ Carol Marinelli (Book: Billionaire without a Past)

Hit Or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

Buy: Amazon  |  iTunes

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