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Book Review: Bound by Revenge by MV Kasi & PG Van

Series: Book 1 in ‘The Singham Bloodlines’

I know I said I don’t want to waste my time reading nonsense. But it’s difficult to tell without reading.

So here I’m once again with a new story by two new Indian Indie authors.

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Anika Patel, Abhay Singham.

‘Bound by Revenge by MV Kasi & PG Van’ ~~ Synopsis:

Anika has lived all her life in the US and knows nothing about her father’s side of the family. One day her late father’s sister calls Anika out of the blue and requests her to visit them as her grandfather is seriously ill. 

Anika takes a two week vacation and visit the place. She’s eager to meet her relatives. She doesn’t know why they didn’t stay in contact with them over the years.

At the airport her cousin meets Anika with not much enthusiasm and she doesn’t understand her cousin’s behavior. But she’s happy to meet her cousin and is sure it’s going to be a happy reunion. When she reaches her aunt’s place, she finds out that she’s landed in trouble.

Her grandfather is not dying and her sweet talking aunt is not nice at all. Anika cannot leave as she’s under house arrest until she’s married off to some guy named Abhay Sinhgam as per some promise to get rid of some curse.

Her new reality seems like a nightmare she cannot escape from. She does try and find out there’s no way out. Her aunt’s thugs would hurt her family in America if Anika tried to run away.

It seems her only hope is to talk to the guy her aunt wants her to marry. But that hope is dashed as well when she sees what a savage he is. He scares her even more than her aunt.

Before she knows it, she married to some stranger and lands in a household where everyone seems to hate her for reasons she’s not privy too. Her best chance of survival is to maintain a low profile and not get into her new husband’s way. If possible find a way to escape the mess.

Abhay had no plan to marry someone from Prajapati clan, but when Anika’s aunt tells him about her niece infatuation with him, he agrees. Marrying Anika would also halt the long standing feud between the two clans and Abhay wants to establish some peace in the region.  

But the woman he’s married seems frightened all the time, then interested in him. Another question is could he trust her when she begins to take an interest in the welfare of his people.


I was wondering if it would fit nicely in the Dark Romance category. Maybe it would or maybe not. Anyways, it’s time to dissect the story:

1: Two Author, But No World or Character Building:

Apparently, two authors have worked on this story that’s equal part interesting and not interesting. Interesting because of the twisted storyline and not interesting because of the sort of one and a half dimensional characters and lack of world building.

After few chapters when it became clear that the authors have no intention of developing the characters or the plot, I wanted to stop reading.

But even undeveloped the story is interesting in a twisted way and I don’t mind all the weirdness that’s going around.

The two authors could have also come up with a fictional name for the place where such lawlessness is the order of the day. It also reminded me of Karishma Kapoor movie in which she lands in the land of lawlessness.  

I also would like to know why the Prologue is labeled as Chapter One when the same scene is repeated in the Chapter Ten.

2: Anika’s Transformation:

Since the characters are not developed, making peace with Anika’s transformation from scared mouse to someone scaring her gangster aunt is unbelievable.

After all, her gangster aunt has years of experience behaving like she does, but not Anika. Also, she doesn’t have the resources or rather haven’t told her gangster husband anything to get his help.

Or the authors failed to inform the readers how she became one of the gangsters.

Her transformation is impressive, but lacks conviction. It would have done the story a whole lot of good if either author had bothered building up the scenes and the characters. I cannot stress upon it enough.

Maybe they realized after this disastrous collaboration that they don’t work better together. Maybe that’s why the next books, second & third, in the series are written by them separately.

I also have a wild guess that these two are not different authors, but one. Of course, I could be wrong, I have been once.

Also, if the authors are indeed two different people, then I rather not waste my time reading P.G. Van’s version. I tried to read one of her books and found it lacking on many accounts. She does have the talent, but the writing style is not interesting enough. And jumping straight to third one would probably leave me with lots of questions and no answers.

Anyways, now let’s move on to the good part and there are some like:

I enjoyed the story. I did. It is fast (thanks to its underdeveloped status) and despite its many flaws, intriguing enough to keep you hooked. That is if you like to read such stories where a lot happens without much information.

But I cannot overlook how short it falls on many accounts.

These books are in the Kindle Unlimited, and if the story wasn’t so lacking I would have finished the series. Now I want to read it, but I rather not waste my time and subscription on this.

There are better books in the Kindle Unlimited program. I thought I had found a self-published Indian author worth reading, until the author disappointed me.

Hit or Miss: Readable.

Ratings: 2star/5.

Buy: Amazon

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