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BOOK REVIEW: Broken by Cynthia Eden

Series: Book 1 in the ‘LOST’ series.

“Information these days was so readily available. People freely put their whole lives up on the Internet, always wanting attention.” ~~ Cynthia Eden (Book: Broke)

This is my second romantic suspense. The first one was ‘Beautiful Duplicity ~~  Cassie Strickland’, which I enjoyed reading.

I’m hoping, ‘Broken ~~ Cynthia Eden’ is interesting like ‘Beautiful Duplicity’  as I liked the blurb of Broken. 😉  

Let’s find out how interesting ‘Broken ~~ Cynthia Eden’ is…..

Genre: Romantic Suspense.

Main Characters: Eve Grey, Gabe Spencer.

‘Broken by Cynthia Eden’ ~~ Synopsis:

Eve wakes up in the hospital with serious injuries and with no memories of who she is. When she comes across a picture of a socialite & an heiress, Jessica Montgomery, Eve wonders if she’s the missing heiress. Since the resemblance between the two is uncanny.

The worse part: apparently, a serial killer called The Lady Killer, killed Jessica. Eve is not sure if she’s Jessica. But one thing she does know, if she’s Jessica then she’s the only victim of the Lady Killer, who escaped death at his hands.

That means, the serial killer will like to finish his unfinished business if he found out about her. Chances are she may even have seen his face, but to recognize him, Eve needs to piece together her past and find out her real identity.

Eve approaches Gabe, the founder of The LOST, an agency that finds missing people, dead or alive.

The woman, who walked into Gabe’s office and demanded to see him, looks like the missing heiress. Her story is unusual and he does think, she’s not lying.

But Gabe’s hunch could be wrong, so before committing to take her case, he wants to do his own research to make sure she’s not lying and wasting his or his team’s time.

Once her story checks out, Gabe’s committed to finding out what happened. If Eve is Jessica then she’s at risk. Gabe manages to keep Eve safe by moving her from the shelter for homeless to his place.

The killer begins his quest to catch Eve and kill her. Gabe and his team need to find the guy sooner. So they take Eve to the island where she’s last seen alive. In hopes she may begin to remember her past.

On the island, almost everyone, knows and remembers Eve. But not as Eve. She still doesn’t know anyone from her past, including her brother and her ex. So she trusts no one but Gabe.

Another issue is, they are falling faster for each other every day. As the search for the serial killer and the killer keep playing his games, Gabe wonders, how much he’d allow himself to get involved with Eve. Since she doesn’t remember her past, what would happen to them once she remembers her life.

Eve begins to remember a bit and pieces of her past. Whatever, she remembers is, all so dark that it makes her wonder if she wants to remember it at all.

And what would happen if she ends up remembering everything? What if she’s not the victim everyone believers, her to be?

“Deep inside, everyone had the potential to kill. But people usually held back. They stayed in control. Until someone ripped that control away.” ~~ Cynthia Eden (Book: Broke)


Plus Points:

I loved the suspense and the chase to find the killer. Though, I managed to find him the moment he appeared. Maybe I should start reading crime novels to hone my new skill to find fictional killers. 😉

Gabe & Eve are an interesting couple. And the LOST team characters are interesting too.

Some of them would be getting their stories in the next book I’m guessing. So I’d be looking out for the next installment that is if they have it in the library.

Minus Points:

The instant attraction is not new for me or any avid romance reader. But Gabe and Eve’s attraction just didn’t make sense to me. It seems forced from the moment it begins. I have been wondering, why it began so early?  

Maybe, I’d have believed it, if it’d built slowly. And why not? ‘Broken’ is a long story and they’d have taken some time.

Then there are….internal dialogues that spoiled the reading for me. Seemed like an unnecessary rambling to me. That makes ‘Broken By Cynthia Eden’  an okay read.

Hit Or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 3 stars/5.

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