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Book Review: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Bella Andre

Series: Book 3 in ‘The Sullivans’

For a while there are going to be review of Bella Andre books. I’m catching up on her famous series. 😀

Let’s find out some more about Gabe Sullivan in ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Megan Harris, Gabe Sullivan.

‘Can’t Help Falling In Love by Bella Andre’ ~~ Synopsis:

As a firefighter Gabe’s job is to save lives and he loves doing it. He saves Megan and her seven year old daughter Summer, from dying in their burning apartment building.

He gets them out of the danger, but ends up getting injured in the process.

After waking up in the hospital with her daughter safe beside her, Megan’s thankful to the brave firefighter, who risked his life to save them.

Megan feels she should thank the firefighter in person for saving them. That’s the least she can do. With the help of Gabe’s colleague, Megan manages to arrange a meeting with Gabe.

Megan along with Summer visits Gabe in the hospital to thank him.

Megan feels hurt when Gabe behaves rudely with her. But she decides not to mind his behavior. It’s not like she’s planning to meet him ever again.

Megan and Summer’s visit isn’t a surprise to Gabe. Most survivors feel the need to say thank you to him or his colleagues afterwards. Megan did the same.

What surprises Gabe was his reaction to the woman he’d saved. If not for the terrible past experience of dating a fire survivor, Gabe would have been willing to explore the attraction.

Due to his vow to not again mix business with pleasure, Megan is off-limits. To discourage her from ever wanting to contact him, Gabe behaves distant.

For days Megan wonders about how Gabe saved them and how much she disliked his impolite behavior.

Megan wants to forget him, but somehow couldn’t. Not when her daughter Summer is so impressed with Gabe that she’s planning to visit him at the fire station. Megan tries to discourage Summer from her plan to meet him but fails.

Somehow Summer manages to get Megan to move along with her plan. At the fire station Megan realizes that his rudeness is not the only reason she wanted to meet him ever again.

She also notes that Gabe’s behavior towards her has not improved much and she’s sure she’ll stop caring soon about that.

She just needs to stop meeting him, which becomes difficult when Megan finds her college friend Sophie there and that Sophie is Gabe’s younger sister.

Sophie invites Megan and Summer to a family party. Megan after hesitating accepts the invitation just to annoy Gabe some more.

At the last moment Megan tries to bail out of attending the family get together. But Sophie asks Gabe to pick them from their home and drop them back.

From there on, the chain of meetings between Megan and Gabe begins and they find it increasingly difficult to stay away from each other.

Though, Gabe is willing to forget his past. Megan is not so willing to keep her insecurities about the risky nature of his job away.

After the death of her husband, Megan vowed to stay away from men, who are in risky professions and those who love to take a risk for the thrill of it.

And Gabe’s job is risky! She doesn’t want to spend her time worrying about his safety whenever he’s called to duty.


In this book the characters develop slowly and are realistic enough to not give you many issues.

But there’s a risk of some of you finding Megan too stubborn sometimes. I did at times, but it’s understandable as well.

That’s mostly because Gabe (just like his brothers) is too good to be true and you end up on his team without thinking much. 😀 And he’s so good to Megan’s daughter.

I felt all the resistance presented by Megan is good for the story. As habits don’t change overnight, nor you can conquer your fears in a fortnight.

Also, it adds drama and realism to the plot that could appeal to larger section of romance readers, who feel put-off by ‘devil may care attitude of the heroine’ in some romance novels. 😉

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 4star/5.

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