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Book Review: Captive Star by Nora Roberts

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Stars of Mithra’

“You can’t save the world. Sometimes you can’t even save a little piece of it.” ~~ Nora Roberts (Book: Captive Star)

Reading ‘Lessons Learned’ was an indescribable torture to my reading senses and I don’t have any or many hopes from ‘Captive Star’.

So why read? To decide if I ever want to read the author’s work again. Unfortunately, I’m no immortal to continue reading what I consider dull at best.

Anyway, let’s find out a bit more about ‘Captive Star’ and hope it’s at least a good read, if not better….

Genre: Romance. Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Jack Dakota, M. J. O’Leary.

‘Captive Star by Nora Roberts’ ~~ Synopsis:

Jack is a bounty hunter and captures people who don’t pay the bail money. His new assignment is an attractive redhead, who allegedly shot her married boyfriend.

Jack prepares to catch M.J. and is sure it’s a fairly easy job. But when he gets to M.J.’s apartment, he finds out that it’s not that easy to capture the feisty lady and it seems he’s set up.

Instead of capturing her and handing her over as asked, Jack ends up running away with her to save their life.

It seems for some reason some deadly people want M.J. and he’s gotten himself involved in something he has no idea about.

Another problem is M.J. herself, who is not revealing why someone would want her dead.

But he’s sure that he would find out the reason. Sooner or later she’d understand that he’s her best bet if she wants to survive.

Before Jack broken into her house, M.J.’s going about her life as always. With only one difference of having an antique diamond in her bag at all times.

Her best friend Bailey has sent her the diamond for the safe keeping and M.J. is keeping it safe till her friend shows up.

She should have approached the police, but M.J. isn’t sure what kind of trouble her friend is in yet.

When the goons land at her doorstep, it becomes clear to her that she and her friend’s life are in danger. She needs to call her friend to alert, but the bounty hunter is making it difficult for her to contact Bailey.

She wants to trust him as there’s no one she’d trust, but she’s not sure if she should.


This story’s so boring that I remembered after ten days that I have to write a review for it as well.

Then for another couple of days I toyed with the idea of not subjecting myself to the torture of writing the review at all. Writing a review for it meant, remembering the details I rather gladly forget!

Also, what was I going to write about such a forgettable story? Let’s begin with the characters.

I didn’t care whether they died in the first chapter or the last, something that doesn’t happen for some reason.

Also, I didn’t understand Jack’s reason to stick around with M.J. Anyway, let’s move on, they have no chemistry between them.

Yet you’re supposed to believe that they fell ‘head-over-heels’ in love with each other to get engaged after a couple of days of drama. I’m not buying it.

Then there’s so much talk about other friends by M.J. that I wanted to ask, who this ‘Captive Star’ story is about. BTW, M.J.’s friends seem as boring as M.J.

There’s no way I’m wasting my time on this dated series or any other dated series again.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the publisher’s attempt to tell you that it’s a brand new Nora Robert’s books. It isn’t!

They were released in the late 90s (that’s not a flaw) and are in no way new stories. The datedness of the stories says it all anyways.

I should have learned my lesson after finishing ‘Lessons Learned’. As if reading ‘Lessons Learned’ wasn’t torturous enough that I had to finish this nonsense of a story as well.

I think I’d be staying far away from Nora Roberts books for a while. They are more dated than any classic I have read till date. And not in a good way.   

“Most people aren’t loners. They think they’re, but they are not. Something always pulls them back.” ~~ Nora Roberts (Book: Captive Star)

 Hit Or Miss: Read It At Your Own Risk.

Ratings: –1star/5.

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