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Book Review: Changing Constantinou’s Game by Jennifer Hayward

The cover looked great from afar and it’s in good condition. Usually, the covers of romance books look as if someone wrestled with them. Who knows….maybe some readers do, you know have a wrestling match with a book in case they don’t like it. ;D

And it’s one of those rare time when I invested my time reading the blurb as well and instantly wanted to read the book. Let’s see if the story lived up to the expectations the blurb sets…

Genre: Romance

Main Characters: Isabel Peters, Leandaros Alexios Constantinou.

‘Changing Constantinou’s Game by Jennifer Hayward’ Synopsis:

Isabel desperately wants to interview the media shy CEO of a popular gaming company, Leandaros Alexios Constantinou. Getting his interview, would get her the promotion she seeks. But he’s too good when it comes to avoiding reporters. No matter how persistent s/he is.

By coincidence, Isabel gets stuck with Alexios in the elevator, while leaving his office building, for hours. Thanks to Alexios keeping a low profile, Isabel doesn’t realize that he’s the one she’s after…for an interview. 😉 Nor does Alexios realize that Isabel is the interviewer he’s running away from.

While stuck in the elevator, both appreciates the other from afar but not ready to break the ice. But when Isabel begins to suffer from a panic attack, Alexios begins to distract her.

They spend some time chatting, avoiding their growing attraction towards each other. They’re rescued eventually and in the process, Isabel ends up suffering from a minor head injury.

The doctor cautions Isabel against flying for a few hours and Alexios insists she stays at his place so he can keep an eye on her.They both know, Isabel’s injury isn’t serious and avoiding their attraction is a futile task anyway. Also, Isabel realizes that she’s too sensible all the time and almost never acts spontaneously.

So by accepting Alexios offer Isabel demonstrates to herself that she can act spontaneous. Even if it’s just for once.

Both are sure not to meet again. But the world is a small place and they meet again. When Alexios sees Isabel at the same party he wants to meet her again as he’d not get her out of his head.

Isabel wants to avoid Alexios as she’s figured out his identity before he had a chance to figure out hers. But luck’s not on her side and soon Alexios finds out she’s a reporter, who’s sent to interview him and dig deeper into his past & present life to find & expose some dark secret.

He does have a secret; a carefully concealed past that he doesn’t want the media to hype it again. The reason he avoids the press at all cost.

Alexios jumps to conclusions and decides to do damage control. He might not be able to control the break out of his story, but he can control what information Isabel gets.

While deciding not to fall for Isabel. Like that’s possible! ;D


I loved reading Isabel and Alexios’s story. I liked both the characters. The story captured my interest from page one & kept it. Yes the book is as intriguing and exciting as the blurb!

For a few moments or shall I say pages, I did fear, our hero might turn into the typical Harlequin romance hero (you know the alpha hero…who most of the time sounds like a bully with an over-active imagination and power-issues). This one isn’t like that. 😉

I wasn’t sure Isabel would get out of the shadows of her famous mother and sister by the end. Or rather stop comparing herself to them.

But she does and that too neatly. At least, her character’s progress didn’t make me feel as if her character developed abruptly. Happens as these are short-books and as I see it good for weekend entertainment reading.

Hit Or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 3.5 stars/5.

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  1. It’s difficult to get this kind of character right. I like alpha heroes if they’re ready to adjust with. If not then I usually end up thinking that good thing this character is in fictional world and I don’t know him. ;D

  2. I’m glad it turned out to not be like the alpha situation! I’m ot a big fan of alpha males unless they are done incredibly right in a way that isn’t insulting or cruel. And that’s really hard to do! But yes, otherwise this is a really cool book. Glad you could enjoy it!

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