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BOOK REVIEW: Diamond In The Desert By Susan Stephens

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Skavanga Diamonds’ series (Fire & Ice).

I started reading the series out of order, so decided to delay the reviews until I can get my hands on the rest of the books. I can’t put it in words how much it annoys me to read series out of order. Why it’s not mentioned anywhere in the book?

Anyways, ‘Diamond In The Desert’ is the first book in the series that seem to have another header ‘Fire & Ice’ too. I don’t know why?

Now I’m confused, whether I should to call the series ‘Fire & Ice’ or ‘Skavanga Diamonds’ saga. Whatever! Hopefully, the stories are worth spending time on.

Let’s see how Diamond In The Desert is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Britt Skavanga, Sheikh Sharif al Kareshi.

‘Diamond in the Desert by Susan Stephens’~~ Synopsis:

Skavanga diamond mines are in trouble and heiress Britt Skavanga needs financial assistance as soon as possible to save the family business.

A consortium, consisting of three powerful businessmen, is ready to invest in Skavanga mines. But on their terms, something Britt and her sisters aren’t aware of. You can say each one has his/her own game plan.

Elder sister Britt, who looks after the business, arranges a meeting with Sheikh Sharif al Kareshi, a geologist & one of the members of the consortium.

Britt soon finds out that Sheikh has sent his envoy. Britt isn’t happy with the new development. Britt wants to discuss the most important deal of her life with Sheikh and not some representative. But, she can’t do much as Sheikh’s envoy is there to meet her.

Here’s the twist in the story, the representative is none other Sharif himself. He just doesn’t want Britt to know his true identify.

Easier for him to pass as just another person as Sharif goes out of his way to keep his face from showing in the press. The moment two meets, they feel instant and irresistible attraction.

So they waste no time and gets better acquainted with each other intimately right in the middle of the boardroom. Of course, there’s a plenty of time to discuss the business deal afterwards, urgent matters first. 😉

Both believe that they are mature adults and since they have taken care of the lust, they can efficiently discuss the business deal. After they also consider themselves beyond the tentacles of lust.

To make it easier for Emir to decide in favor of Skavanga mines, Britt decides to give Emir, tour of the mines. Once they are alone in the family cabin located near the mines, they find it difficult to ignore their ever sizzling chemistry.

Britt starts to fall for Emir. However, she’s in for a shock.

1. She discovers that Emir is leaving without saying much.

2. Consortium is taking over the company.

3. Her brother Try seems to have given away his share to make it easier for consortium to take over the company.

4. The man she knew as Emir is none other than Sheikh Sharif al Kareshi himself.

She decides to hunt Sharif down and demand answers to her questions. So Britt follows him to his country and gets herself in a fatal trouble.

Of course, the knight-in-shining armor, Sharif saves her in time and takes her with him to a safe location only to make matters worse between them once again.


Not so good not so bad read! It’s fast paced story from the beginning to the end and there’s not a single uninteresting moment.

Though, the chemistry between Brit and Sheikh is sizzling throughout the story. Yet it’s difficult to believe they have any other feeling for each other than lust. How and when love entered their life? I have no idea!

Sharif keeps betraying Brit’s trust from the start to end, sometimes in the name of business and sometimes in the name of friendship. And they are in love?

How about solving issues before moving towards happily-ever-after? The ending is unrealistic to say the least and I don’t like it. Readable, if thrill is all you are seeking.

Hit Or Miss: Readable.

Ratings: 3 stars/5.

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