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Book Review: Expecting His Secret Heir by Dani Wade

Series: Book 4 in the ‘Mill Town Millionaires’

 “Sometimes life is overwhelming, and you need to recharge somewhere away from all the things you feel like you have to take care of.” ~~ Dani Wade (Book: Expecting His Secret Heir)

Sometimes it seems that one section of the library is full of ‘secret baby’ section. Or maybe I’m the one who should pay more attention and leave the ones with titles I don’t like.

Sometimes titles are clear on what to expect from the content.

What’s done is done and I’m also done reading it. So here’s the review of ‘Expecting His Secret Heir ~~ Dani Wade’….

Genre: Romance; Harlequin Desire.

Main Characters: Sadie Adams; Zachary ‘Zack’ Gatlin.

‘Expecting His Secret Heir by Dani Wade’ ~~ Synopsis:

After five years, Sadie’s back in the small town where she met someone special – someone she has trouble forgetting.  

She knows she can’t avoid meeting him for long, as just like her last visit, her present visit to the small town is all about Zack too. If only her reason to visit were happy ones.

The last time when she’d visited, she’s there to find out if Zack was her employer’s son. This time is a different game. The stakes are high and she will probably lose more than anyone else.

This time Sadie is investigating Zack as per his half-brother instructions.

His half brother wants her to find something about Zack that would help discredit Zack from inheriting everything that their father left for Zack.

Sadie needs to find something or his half-brother would stop paying the money she needs for the treatment of her younger sister.

Sadie is the only earning member of her family and she does not want her sister to spend whatever is left of her life in pain.

So she agrees to become the pawn in the twisted scheme of Zach’s half brother.

Once in town, she’s not sure how Zack would respond after finding out she’s back again. But why would he care about someone who he barely knew?  

Sadie visits the mill where a bomb went off. She’s hoping to find something there against Zack. She notices his life seems to have changed since last they met.

Now he’s running his own security firm and does not seem to remember Sadie. Sadie feels a bit of hurt, but tells herself its good as it makes her work easier.

Zack recognizes Sadie the moment he meets her and wonders why she’s in town again. And why it seems she’s trying to find more about his life. If she wanted to know all she needed to do was stay and find out.

Instead, she left without any explanation and for him she became the one that got away.

Sadie tries to find some dirt on Zack, but all she finds that people around respects him.

The more she stays in the small town and spends time with his family, friends and him, the more she wonders if she’d lie for the sake of her sister.


Minus Points:

1: It’s a boring story written in a boring manner.

2: There are so many one-dimensional and dull secondary characters in and out of the story that there’s barely any space of the main characters.

The main characters Sadie & Zach after a while seem like a guest in their own story.

3: The worst part: Sadie & Zach have no chemistry together. They are one of the dullest characters I have had the misfortune of reading.

4: The author goes a bit into few secondary characters’ stories that I found most annoying. I got the feeling sometimes that ‘Expecting His Secret Heir’ is not a standalone.

But I’m skeptical it would have become interesting to me even if I had read the previous installments. That I’m blaming on dull main characters in this one.

5: Sadie’s lies. I understand why she lies. But I think most part of the second half should have been spent on Zack getting over her lies and not just patching things up instantly in the end. This makes the ending look superficial.

Also, the title of the book should be ‘A Big Secret’ as everything is a secret or a lie. After a while the story stops making sense. Or maybe I just lost interest in finding out anything else.

Plus Point:

The only good thing I can say about this story is that there’s a plot, it’s different and the characters are good. If only ‘Expecting His Secret Heir ~~ Dani Wade’ was interesting as well.

What’s the point of reading a story that has a plot, but it fails to keep you interested?

“The burden of doing whatever you had to, in order to care for someone you love, regardless of where you wanted your own life to go. It was a heavy weight.” ~~ Dani Wade (Book: Expecting His Secret Heir)

Hit Or Miss: Get It From The Library.

Ratings: 1stars/5.

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