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Book Review: From This Moment On by Bella Andre

Series: Book 2 in ‘The Sullivans’

I have been wanting to read about Marcus Sullivan even before I finished reading The Look of Love’.

Something about the brooding hero in the background always grabs attention. 😉

If you like brooding type of romance heroes than Marcus probably got your attention too, more than Chase — the sunshine.

Let’s find out about ‘From This Moment On…

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main characters: Marcus Sullivan, Nicola ‘Nico’ Harding

‘From This Moment On by Bella Andre’ ~~ Synopsis:

Marcus wants to get married and have a couple of children. The only problem is his current girlfriend, Jill, who seems to have no interest in settling down with him.

After waiting for two years, Marcus decides to discuss their future with Jill. It seems there were issues in their relationship, but he’s not a mind-reader.

And all Jill does is, keep postponing their talk. Not any more, Marcus wants answers (or commitment or not).

When Marcus reaches Jill’s place, he finds her with another guy and they break up.

Marcus, ever the responsible, serious guy, loses his calm and decides to do something reckless and fun, even if it’s just for one night.

So he lands in a club and within moments his eyes meet the perfect woman he’s searching for the night.

Nico is a popular pop-star, who’s tired of her wild image she got stuck with thanks to trusting her ex too much. To top it all, she feels lonely and trapped in the same life she wanted and has worked hard to create.

She always wanted to become a singer and now that she is, she’d not believe it how much trouble fame sometimes creates for her. Leaving it all behind is not an option for her as she loves to write and sing songs.

After getting hit on by a hotel staff, Nico loses her calm. And decides it’s time to live up to her reputation of a ‘wild party girl’.

She enters the club and her eyes collide with Marcus. What surprises Nico is, the handsome stranger doesn’t seem to know ‘who she is’.

The thought gives Nico more courage to leave the club with Marcus. The courage leaves Nico once they are alone in the cab. All of a sudden she begins to wonder what if he’s a psycho-killer.

Marcus manages to put her fears to rest. But sometimes plans don’t go the way one wants them to.

Nico & Marcus ends up parting ways on a slightly bitter note, when Marcus turns down Nico after gaining control of the sensible side of his brain.

Getting rejected Nico angry and Marcus regrets his decision later. They meet again. When his sister Lori, a choreographer, asks him to visit the studio, where she’s working with Nico.

Meeting each other like that surprises both Marcus and Nico. Nico is nursing a bit of a hurt and doesn’t want to talk to Marcus.

But when Marcus apologizes, Nico wonders if they could have one more chance at spending some time together. This time Marcus doesn’t make the mistake of turning her away.


So the story begins as if you have read it quite a few times before. But:

The author introduces twists and turns that are equal part funny, romantic and just cute. I loved both characters.

After reading three books in ‘The Sullivans’ series by Bella Andre, one thing I can say is they are pure entertainment and escape.

There are some issues, Nico & Marcus have to work through, but the story is still sweet.

I have read ‘From This Moment On’ twice now, only to test if I’d, and enjoyed it as much as the first time.

If you’re a romance junkie, love to read ‘love at first sight’ happy ending novels, then you should have this series in your reading list.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 4star/5.

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