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Book Review: Greek’s Last Redemption by Caitlin Crews

Series: Book 13 in ‘The Chatsfield’.

“No particular shame in telling a lie. A person has reasons. The shame is in holding on to the lie when the truth is right in front of you. The shame is in pretending the lie is the truth, A lie might not kill you, but shame always will.” ~~ Caitlin Crews (Book: Greek’s Last Redemption)

The nonsense and stupid trend of highlighting the series name confuses me every time. I almost gave this review title: The Chatsfeild.

Is this series even so popular that readers’ recognize it by the series name? I doubt it.

Anyway, let’s not waste time with more nonsense and move on to the review of ‘Greek’s Last Redemption’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Holly Holt, Theo Tsoukatos.

‘Greek’s Last Redemption by Caitlin Crews’ ~~ Synopsis:

After four years of separation, Holly contacts her estrange and angry husband, hoping to get a divorce. So instead of playing who would hurt who more game, they’d move on with their lives.

The prospects of leaving him for good, scares Holly, but not the way staying with him scare her.

She can’t go back, not after telling a lie that broke Theo’s heart and their marriage. And she doesn’t know how to move forward as he refuses to divorce her out of spite.

Thanks to her lifelong fear of being loved, becoming like her father and losing herself into another, Holly made a mess of her life.

To preserve some semblance of sanity, she decides it’s time to cut the ties that are hurting both of them.

If only….

Theo wasn’t in the mood to let her go four years ago and has no intention of granting her wish, now either.

All the anger and hurt caused by her deception comes to surface whenever they meet. So he doesn’t meet Holly anymore, unless necessary.

Theo doesn’t want to meet Holly. But she persists and manages to get him to meet her.

The meeting surprises both. Theo still desires her despite what she did and Holly is fighting her own battle of ‘wanting and not wanting in him in her life’.

Before she knew it, she confesses the truth about the lie that left them in such a heartbreaking situation.

Theo doesn’t believe her. He’s sure she’s playing some twisted game to cause him more hurt or she wants more money as his family keeps suggesting.

But it seems he wants to believe her even if her reasons sound unreasonable to his ears.  

That leaves him with even more hurt and confusing feelings. If she is telling the truth, than he’s become the exact person Theo vowed never to be, all because of Holly and her lies. One thing is for sure he can’t trust her.

Holly knows, it’s a lost fight she’s fighting. The way she’s trying to make him believe her, convinces her that she’s still in love with him.

Probably always would be. The same all consuming love she felt….the kind that scares her and the kind that makes her run away scared.

Even if he believes her…then what? Would she stay with him or run away again?


I’m not a huge fan of cheating in the romance novels I read. But I saw the promise of at least some drama on the horizon as the story progresses.

So I kept reading and was disappointed to find there’s no drama.

To some extent I understood Holly’s fears and reasons for throwing away love and her marriage.

But as I continued reading I lost all sympathy for her character. I didn’t get her nonsense reasons after a while.

Her fears and insecurities from the past need more space to breathe and developed to fulfill the promise of a drama-filled story.

I have nothing to say about the characters. Once you lose sympathy for the characters early on then it’s difficult to have it later. As a result of this disconnect the story lost its appeal.

I found their HEA shallow and rushed. There’s too much resentment simmering between the characters…..where’s the love?

The characters in no way are heading towards HEA, not even close.

I’m also still wondering about what Holly & Theo’s story has to do with Chatsfield series.

As I see it nothing but a lame attempt to continue the series because books in the series sell more than the single ones.

If you don’t like cheating in your romance novels, then this isn’t the story for you.

Hit or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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