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BOOK REVIEW: Half-Hitched by Isabel Sharpe

Series: The Wrong Bed #67

So ‘Half-Hitched’ is a part of what the publisher calls ‘mini-series’. For a mini-series, it seems to have quite a lot of titles listed under this category. 😉

This discovery didn’t worry me much as these books seem unrelated to each other and you can read them as a standalone, I guess.

Let’s begin the review of ‘Half-Hitched By Isabel Sharpe’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Addie Sewell, Derek Bates.

‘Half-Hitched by Isabel Sharpe’ ~~ Synopsis:

Addie lives a predictable life and loves the comfort & predictability that accompanies it. But sometimes Addie wonders, what her life would be like if she took some risks. Nothing that would disturb her carefully planned quiet life.

But not taking risks, isn’t bringing her much peace lately as she wonders if she’d have to spend her old age alone too. She doesn’t want to but she’s too scared to change.

What can Addie do to turn her life around? If not much, just a little bit…that’s what she begins to wonder and stumbles upon an answer.

How about taking a small step and attend her best friend Sarah’s brother’s wedding and try to seduce ‘The One That Got Away.’ No idea is better than this. 😀

Addie lands in Maine to seduce her teenage crush, but ends up feeling attractive towards the handsome sea captain Derek.

There are only three small issues stopping Addie from consciously acting on her feelings for Derek.

1. Addie’s attending the wedding with the purpose of seducing Kevin, her teenage years crush.

2. Once Addie makes a plan and she sticks with it, which is good for work, but if it’s good for dating that remains to be seen.

3. Rumor has it that Derek has a girlfriend in every port. Addie doesn’t want to get involved with someone like Derek for a few days. She’s thinking long term, enough time wasted not taking risks anyway. If only attraction worked like that. 😉

Derek sees Addie and falls for her. He wants her to spend time with him instead of chasing her infatuation.


The first few pages made me wonder ‘why I picked the book?’ There’s no need to answer as I know why I picked it. But as the plot progresses, the story begins to come to life. (Yay! No need to abandon it.)

There are quite a few secondary characters in the book, another aspect that annoyed me for a few moments. As I kept reading I got invested in reading about their stories as well. There’s another love story in ‘Half-Hitched’ that is of Sarah and Joe.

I liked them, though, I’m not sure if I like Sarah’s character — the clueless. Good to know that Sarah realizes that Joe is the one for her. Even if he’s not adventurous type or whatever else she thought she wants.  

Addie and Derek are definitely amazing together. Addie’s character is convincing. How easily we forget to live life and get comfortable in routines.

The entire time craving some adventure while scared to disturb the same routine we want to change or just escape. Mills and boon heroes seem to be changing. All of a sudden they are a lot nicer, understanding or maybe not. Too early to say.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading ‘Half-Hitched’ and looking forward to reading some more books by the author!

Hit Or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3 stars/5.

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