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Book Review: Having Her Boss’s Baby by Maureen Child

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Pregnant by the Boss’.

“There’s always a chance for love. Never stop hoping. Never stop, because when you do that’s when all is lost.” ~~ Maureen Child (Book: Having Her Boss’s Baby)

This is what you get when you don’t carefully choose the books before grabbing them. I wonder if the author writes about any other plot than this common ‘secret baby’ trope.

The first Ms. Child’s book I read ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’ is about this trope, and this entire series is dedicated to this trope as well.  I would have to search, which I would do later.

Right now, let’s find out a bit about the story of ‘Having Her Boss’s Baby’….

Genre: Romance, Harlequin Novels.

Main Characters: Aine Donovan, Brady Finn.

‘Having Her Boss’s Baby by Maureen Child’ ~~ Synopsis:

Brady along with his two friends owns a successful video gaming company. They buy an old castle in Ireland with plans to turn it into a themed hotel based on their famous video game.

Brady, despite suggestions from his friends-cum-partners, is in no mood to travel to Ireland to inspect their newly acquired property.

Instead, they call the manager of the hotel to their main office in California. Too get ideas about the state of the castle and to discuss the renovations and the future of the castle.

Aine lands in California with the weight of expectations of people working in the castle and her fear for their collective future. It’s no secret, the castle is in need of repairs and is running into loses.

Despite that Aine is ready to fight for what’s right, if she’d not get fired first because of her temper.

Her love for her heritage, concern for the employees & the villagers, are not the only reasons keeping her scared.

She’s the only working member of her family and they live in a small cottage on the castle property.

If she lost her job or new bosses have some other plans for everything on the castle property, she & her family could lose everything.  

Aine is anxious to meet Brady, but from the start they got on the wrong foot. Aine doesn’t understand the idea of turning a castle as old as theirs into a mock replica of a video game.

Brady is having trouble understanding her concerns. It’s not as if they are planning to demolish the historical property.  

Their unexpected attraction also makes it difficult for them to deal with each other professionally.

Brady keeps telling himself and Aine that getting involved would only complicate matters. Both of them understand as much.

Aine doesn’t want to get involved with her boss. But Brady doesn’t want to get involved not just because she’s his employees, but he fears he felt something for her. Something he doesn’t want to.

If only telling it to their attraction was possible as well. So they end up following their lust and wait for anxiously for the consequences.


Having ‘Baby’ in the title was bad enough for me. But I still gave this book a chance and suffered from the déjà vu feeling throughout the reading session.

Until it dawned on me that it’s not just identical to ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’.

I found ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’ boring and no surprises its identical twin ‘Having the Boss’s Baby’ is not any better in plot.

There’s so much description of this or that in ‘Having Her Boss’s Baby’ it’s no surprise that the ending is so rushed.

And the relationship seems underdeveloped as there’s also no chemistry between the characters.

I’m still having trouble understanding arrogant attitude of Aine.

What made her think that her new boss is supposed to welcome an employee at an airport?

She’s not an owner of the castle or any VIP for that matter. Still for an employee, she got a good or even better treatment than most employees get in the real life.

For a boss and otherwise, Brady’s character I found too patient with Aine and the castle that’s nothing, but a huge loss for years. I would have fired such an employee if not on the spot, but the second time for sure.

These characters are also almost identical to the characters from ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’. The end is conveniently nondescript and unhinged.

Anyway, if you have yet to read ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’ & love this trope of secret baby, then you might like ‘Having the Boss’s Baby’.

But if you have read ‘Wedding at King’s Convenience’, then skip this one, except few things, almost everything is same old.

Hit or Miss: Feeling Duped.

Ratings: None/5.

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