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Book Review: Heath by Melissa Foster

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Wild Boys after Dark’.

“People didn’t find love; love found them and it almost always seemed to do so in the most unusual ways and at the most unlikely times.” ~~ Melissa Foster (Book: Heath)

I don’t know why the authors try to change either the title or the series title after a couple of years. I

It was such a waste of my time, trying to figure out, whether it’s ‘boys’ or ‘billionaires’ in the series title. Must have realized later that billionaire is a better keyword.


I have some Melissa Foster books with me for over a year I guess.

For some reason I could not find time to start reading them, I wanted to sooner than later, that I do remember.

But then I saw this one lurking around in my Kindle and thought let’s start with this one.

So let’s find out a little about ‘Heath ~~ Melissa Foster’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Allyson Jenner, Heath Wild.

‘Heath by Melissa Foster’ ~~ Synopsis:

Between personal and professional commitments Heath does not have too much time to invest in a long-term relationship. Or so he likes to tell himself.  

So instead he goes for no strings attached relationships. During a medical conference Heath meets Ally at the bar there.

Heath is happy to find that Ally understands his no strings attached & one-time policy, as she’s a similar one in place.

But one night turns into two and Heath for the first time in a long time breaks his rule and asks Ally for her phone number.

Thinking it’s just a formality Ally gives it to him and Heath tells himself that he has no intention of calling her. He never does. Why Ally should be any different?

After getting back to their lives, they begin to chat with each other over the phone and things being to get a bit personal.

But Ally wonders how close one could get to someone over a phone? She’s thinking of ways to end their phone interaction when she meets Heath at the hospital.

It’s a surprise to find they were so close to each other all this time. Heath wastes no time asking Ally out and without bothering to think much Ally agrees.

He’s not the only one having trouble getting her out of his head. Even if she’s wary of relationships, she doesn’t mind starting something that’s looking a lot like a relationship with Heath.

One of the reasons, Heath stays away from committed relationship is he’s wary of trusting another woman with his heart again.

But something about Ally makes him want to place his trust in Ally. If only she’d stop finding out ways to keep him out of her life.


I don’t know if I have read a story that’s sweeter than this one. I’m surprised because as per the author’s note, this one is darker.

Now I’m wondering how sweat other stories are, if a supposed darker story is this sweet.

Let’s dissect the character for a while. 😉

It’s mentioned that Ally doesn’t like doctors. I ended up thinking there’s some story there that would a good conflict. There isn’t any drama or conflict; it should have been.

Then there’s Heath and his weird reason to not date. I didn’t get them at all. I don’t even know why he’s using his blind mother as one of his excuses. It’s not as if she lives with him 24/7. Only in that case I’d have understood.

And apparently, he got so hurt by his college girlfriend’s cheating ways that he decided to exclusively go for one night stands for the next 10-12 years.

I still didn’t get his character and his reasons as the author didn’t elaborate on his hurt feelings at all.

His character seems too eager to move in with Ally and Ally’s no different.

I also would like to know how writing a story about two characters that likes to get a little kinky and enjoys one night stands, is dark.

Ally & Heath are one of the sweetest couples and characters I have read about in romance. Let’s not forget they are also most desperate to fall in love.

I liked that the way Ally and Heath’s relationship develop quite realistically without the drama of a breakup before end over some strange reason or misunderstanding.

Reading ‘Heath by Melissa Foster’ reminded too much of Bella Andre’s books.

 “Some people go their whole lives trying to gain their parents’ approval.” ~~ Melissa Foster (Book: Heath)

Hit or Miss: Good.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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