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Book Review: Her Italian Soldier by Rebecca Winters

“After any kind of a disaster, the person who survives always feels guilty. It’s a normal human reaction.” ~~ Rebecca Winters (Book: Her Italian Soldier)

‘Her Italian Soldier ~~ Rebecca Winters’ is part of three in one book set I downloaded on Kindle. So would have to do with one kind of cover for these books.

They should have added cover of each book at the start like some authors are doing in box sets.

Anyways, let’s begin the review of ‘Her Italian Soldier’…..

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Annabelle Marsh, Lucca Cavezzali.

‘Her Italian Soldier by Rebecca Winters’ ~~ Synopsis:

Annabelle leaves her job as a nurse after her husband cheats on her. Leaving her hurtful life behind, she takes job in one of her patient’s car deal ship.

That’s where Guilio, a famous Italian car designer, spots Annabelle and asks her to become the model for his new creation that he designed to honor his pilot son Lucca.

Annabelle agrees to become a model for a short after initial refusal to do so. She begins to feel that Italy would be a nice change of scenery as well.

Annabelle’s enjoying her time in Italy as a model when one night someone breaks into the house she’s living in.

Lucca comes back from the army before he’s expected. An injury ends his career as a pilot sooner than he expected. He still has to tell his father about his arrival or his injury.

Lucca sneaks into his home as he wants to become fit enough to stand on his feet before he meets his father.

Lucca doesn’t want to add to his father’s worries. He’s also worried about his father’s reaction as his father was against the idea of Lucca joining the army.

Lucca’s not expecting anyone in his home. He feels annoyed to see someone not just staying in his house, but also thinking he’s a thief.  

At first Annabelle couldn’t believe that the man who entered the house like a thief is Guilio’s son.

But once she’s sure, Annabelle wants to inform Guilio. But Lucca stops her from doing just that. He’s in a terrible shape and it seems his leg injury is bothering him.

Annabelle understands Lucca’s reasons to not inform Guilio instantly.

At the same time she feels as if she’s betraying Guilio’s faith in her by keeping his beloved son’s arrival a secret. But there’s no other way.

They begin to become friends and Annabelle starts helping Lucca, urging him to talk to someone about his experiences in order to recover.


Another dated romance story with five star reviews. I should have known. Its part of a three in one book deal by Mills and Boon. The last one I had read was Tall & Dark Gorgeous by Carol Mortimer.

That was a disaster as bad as this collection. This trend of collecting dated stories from twenty years ago seems like an attempt to make some quick money by fooling readers with good looking covers.

I sure it’s working to some extent.

The only story that’s worth reading in this collection is ‘The Prince’s Royal Concubine by Lynn Raye Harris’. That’s why I had downloaded this book and now I think it’s the hook.

Let’s end this review as soon as possible….

The characters don’t have chemistry at all. Their nurse patient relationship is believable and is the highlight of the story. But at no time it seems they are attracted to each other.

Lucca keeps thinking ‘women can’t be trusted’ and there’s no reason provided for his sexist thinking. I wonder why?

Everything around seemed to be described amazingly except the scenes that’d build towards making you believe in the characters and their HEA in the end.

The end is rushed. Annabelle & Lucca’s sudden thought ‘oh, I’m in love’ comes across as fake.

Also, at one place the author labels the heroine as a ‘widow’ instead of a ‘divorcee’. Who edited this book?

Hit Or Miss: Read It At Your Own Risk.

Ratings: 1star/5.

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