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Book Review: His Drakon Runaway Bride by Tara Pammi

What are the chances that end up picking two books of the same theme? The plot line of ‘His Drakon Runaway Bride’ is similar to ‘The Prince’s Cinderella Brida ~~ Amalie Berlin’.

Let’s find out a bit more about ‘His Drakon Runaway Bride’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Royal Romance.

Main Characters: Ariana Sakis; Crown Prince Andreas Drakos.

‘His Drakon Runaway Bride by Tara Pammi’ ~~ Synopsis:

Once upon a long time ago, young, naïve and in search of love, Ariana fell for a brooding prince and married him. It seemed like a fairytale until the fairytale ended in heartbreak.

Ariana prompted by her insecurities, Andreas changed attitude towards her and his father’s provoking left everything behind. For ten years she lived her life the way she thought the best for her.

She even agreed to marry someone she knew via her work. Ariana gets the shock of her life when on her wedding day, first she decides not to get married and then runs into her angry ex-husband.

Not just all of the new developments throw her carefully built world in confusion, but chaos when Andreas informs her they are still married.

Thanks to his father’s obsession with power and controlling everyone’s life, especially Andreas as he’s the crown prince, Andreas was unaware of the truth. That his wife was not dead as told to him and they certainly are not divorced.

If they were not divorced, then there’s no need to search for wife as soon as possible as his coronation is near. For close to two years, Andreas searched for his wife, after finding out about his father and wife’s betrayal. Once he finds Ariana, he makes up his mind to get her back in his life and this time around she would not leave him on her whim. Last time was hurtful enough, not that he’d ever admit it to her.

Andreas may have managed to scare and surprise her, but Ariana is determined not to fall for him or into his bed this time around, without some fight.

If he’s determined to keep her around then he’d have to agree to some of her rules as well.


In ‘The Prince’s Cinderella Brida’ I couldn’t put the finger on what made me not like the story much. But I know what went wrong with ‘His Drakon Runaway Bride’.

1: There’s no cheating or rather, it’s a topic that’s avoided. But if you’re sensitive about cheating main characters in your Romance novels, even if it’s unintentional or because someone thought their better half is dead, then consider yourself forewarned. This story may not be for you.

2: Long winded sentences and dialogues to confuse and drain the soul of the story do nothing to make the plot interesting. There are some sentences that are not grammatically wrong, but are so long that you run the risk of forgetting what you are reading. I got confused a few times. They could have been written in a simplified manner.

Then there are speeches like dialogues that Andreas’ character is prone to giving. That confuses you further as the author hasn’t bothered to indicate in any manner that he’s still speaking.

It took me a few chapters to discover this confusing pattern. By then this weird dialogue pattern had destroyed my interest in the story.

I did like the idea and Ariana & Andreas love story. I just couldn’t stay connected and it’s the author’s writing style that’s to blame.

3: Dragons from paranormal world in 21st century? So there’s a myth attached to Andreas’s kingdom. And it appears that the author wants us to believe in it, despite setting the story in the modern world without dragons.

I found that weird as this story is in no way part of Harlequin’s fantasy line of books. I thought this weirdness would be cleared away like a bad odor sometime in the book, especially when the academic Crown Prince would release his book on the myth.

No such thing, all he found was something more to the myth and no attempt is made to say that it’s a myth.

I also didn’t like secondary character and needless to say felt no sympathy for the main characters. I wanted to as all the right ingredients were there. They just don’t click, not even with each other; I think that makes the story uninteresting to a large extent.

“His Drakon Runaway Bride’ is okay and could have been better.  

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2star/5.

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