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Book Review: His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens

Series: Book 4 in ‘The Skavanga Diamonds’.

After ranting how I’m not going to finish this series in previous reviews, I have read the final installment in the series ‘His Forbidden Diamond.’

And now that I have invested my time reading, thinking and writing about it, there’s no way I can keep it all with me only. 😉

Let’s find out a bit about ‘His Forbidden Diamond’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Princess Jasmina of Kareshi ‘Jazz’, Tyr Skavanga.

‘His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens’ ~~ Synopsis:

Tyr Skavanga comes back home. Everyone’s happy to have him around, but so much has changed.

Tyr doesn’t want to share his feelings or lack of them with anyone and burden his loved ones with his troubles.

The only person he can talk to is Princess Jasmina, his best friend’s younger sister and all of a sudden one person he should stay away from.

The Reason: Jazz has decided to become ultra conservative Princess of Kareshi. So that conservative minority in their kingdom won’t rebel against her brother’s efforts to bring changes in the society.

Jazz also decides to get into an arranged marriage for the sake of Kareshi.

After finding out about Jazz’s decisions, Tyr is keen to talk to her. Just like his sisters and Jazz’s brother, Tyr too thinks her decision to sacrifice her life is extreme.

But Tyr fails to change her mind in the brief time he spends talking to Jazz. So he leaves for a village in Kareshi to help its people connect with the world via internet.

Jazz after some reflection (read: after attending a fashion show) comes to her senses and decides to abandon her plan to get into a marriage of convenience.

After finding out that Tyr is in a Kareshi village, Jazz decides to visit the place. And they both create a scandal that forces them to marry.


I was expecting Tyr to annoy me into not wanting to finish reading the book.

To my surprise, it’s not him, but Jazz. Till chapter five Jazz and her reasons to become a sacrificial lamb takes over the story so much that you’d want to sleep.

And all of sudden, Tyr sisters, Eva and Britt, turns into nags, reminding him constantly why he should not talk to his childhood friend Jazz the same way he used to.

The Reason: Now she’s a princess (sacrificial lamb of her own making), who has decided to appease the conservative minority in her brother’s Kingdom. I don’t like these kinds of heroines.

Note: her brother Sharif too doesn’t want her to destroy her life, good to know this little detail.

Don’t know why she wants to destroy her life when no one is asking or forcing her to do so.

Also, Tyr’s back story is not fully explored. He’s suffering from guilt after killing people in war and he doesn’t want help.

But want to ignore his feelings or lack of them by doing one job after another. In short, he wants to stay busy so he won’t have to deal with overwhelming emotions. At least, I found out that he’s a part of war.

If I remember correctly previous installments, make his character sound like someone straight from comic-hero genre (Arrow or Flash probably?)

I started enjoying reading the story, only after chapter five. Before that Jazz and Tyr’s sisters combined are too annoying.

I found Britt and Shafir’s love story’s fantastical, but Britt wasn’t annoying until she lands in this story.

Anyways, if you can handle reading about a heroine who finds it difficult to make her mind (to sacrifice or not to sacrifice herself) then you’d probably enjoy it.

Also, if you’re avid mills and boon and never (ever) find any faults with most of their stories. 

In my opinion you should get the entire series from the library, otherwise, chances are you might feel as resentful as I felt after finishing it.

The only good thing I can think about is: I won’t think about not finishing the series.  

This is the first time when all the books in a series disappointed me. What a record! I only expect one or two books to annoy me when I read a series and not all.

Hit or Miss: Miss or Get it from library.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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