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Book Review: I Need a Hero by Kelly Curry

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Rich, Royal & Rebellious’.

“It’s the kids that were called ‘weird’ that will rule the world one day. It pays to be nice to them.” ~~ Kelly Curry (Book: I Need a Hero)

Since the books are really short and require no more than one and a half hour to read, I thought I should finish the series. 😉

So here’s another book from Kelly Curry’s ‘Rich, Royal & Rebellious’. This is a story of Kane McDaid. He made a brief appearance in ‘King Me’.

Let’s see how ‘I Need A Hero’ turns out…

Genre: Royal Romance.

Main Characters: Princess Charlotta Carlyle; Kane McDaid.

‘I Need A Hero by Kelly Curry’ ~~ Synopsis:

Kane returns to his home in the small village to nurse his broken heart. He’s not expecting to go back to doing what he does best: protecting his high-profile clients.

But when King of Androsette, Nicolas contacts Kane with an urgent mission, Kane couldn’t refuse.

The mission is to find and bring back Princess Charlotta, second daughter King of the neighboring country of Corrinia, safely back home for coronation.  

Her father is too sick and possibly dying. Her elder sister Arabella’s sudden abdication to get married leaves Charlotta the only heir to become the Queen.

If something happens to her then not just Corrinia, but Androsette reign might be over as well. Nicolas wants no such thing that’s why he decided to call Kane to search the runaway princess.

Kane’s not too keen on taking the assignment, but Nicolas manages to convince him.

It seems the mission is simple with the only trouble is, Charlotta isn’t ready to leave her carefree life in America to become Queen of a country.

Charlotta grew up thinking Arabella would become the Queen one day, which’s fine with her.

She never wanted the crown and the responsibilities that come with it. The crown & all the responsibilities with it, was supposed to be her step-sister’s problem, not hers.

She tries her best to make it difficult for Kane to convince her to go along with him. But when her plan to run away fails, she agrees to accompany him to Corrinia.

Soon they discover there are people who don’t want them to reach their destination alive. But Kane’s determined to complete the mission successfully.

Their plane crashes on the island and it’s up to them to find someone to help them before the people who want dead comes back to finish their work.

In the process Kane realizes he seems to have made the same mistake of falling for another monarch. This time it’s not an infatuation.

But no matter their attraction, they have no future together that much he knows.


Minus Points:

This one started slow and I just couldn’t get into the story at any time.

The last two books I read one after another because of the writing style, even if the plot is predictable. But in ‘I Need A Hero’ the same plus point, the engaging writing, is missing throughout.

It’s as if the author’s heart wasn’t into this story.

I didn’t like Charlotta or Kane. Kane’s character seems rather intriguing, but loses all its appeal in this book. Neither at any point had I thought they needed their own story or love story. They seem too flat.

Then there’s a small issue of chapter 13 which turned me against the story even more.

Plus Point:

It’s an OK read plus you can read within a day. The one thing I did like was: the ending. I wasn’t expecting it to end like that, but it’s good & different. 😉

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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