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Book Review: King Me by Kelly Curry

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Rich, Royal & Rebellious’.

(Bear with me, I cannot believe it: but the author couldn’t be found or her books, at least not on Amazon.)

This is the second book in Kelly Curry’s ‘Rich, Royal & Rebellious’ series. If a book ends in HEA, these days I don’t mind reading it, even if it’s part of a series.

But I enjoyed reading Kelly Curry’s ‘’Sweet Serendipityand decided it’s a good idea, maybe to finish the series.

The stories reminds a little of Mills and Boon novels, but I guess that’s okay.

Let’s see if ‘King Me by Kelly Curry’ is enjoyable as ‘Sweet Serendipity’….

Genre: Royal Romance.

Main Characters: Grier Garrison; Nicolas de Cavaliere.

‘King Me by Kelly Curry’ ~~ Synopsis:

The King of Androsette, is not what Nicolas ever wanted to become. He’s happy living life of a prince, carefree and not under the media lens. All the power, pomp & show was his twin brother’s destiny not his.

But when his brother dies in a plane accident, Nicolas steps in to take the responsibility and continue his family’s legacy.  

The grief over the death of his brother’s not over, while strolling in the nearby jungle Nicolas stumbles upon a baby. He calls one of his trusted men and sends the baby to the palace.

Just when he’s about to leave, he spots the woman who’s probably the one leaving the baby behind. He catches up with her and brings her to the palace too.

Grier only wanted to leave her nephew Micah where he belongs. So after making sure someone from the palace sees Micah, she’s about to leave when she gets caught.

Now she has to tell her story to an angry & suspicious monarch along with his mother. When Grier tells Nicolas that Micah is his late brother & her sister’s child, he doesn’t believe her. He’s sure she’s lying.

Soon enough Queen mother reveals an information that was kept secret from Nicolas and the general public. That, along with hastily done paternity test confirms that Micah is his brother’s son.

Now that it’s established Micah is the rightful heir to the Androsette thorn, Grier is ready to leave. She’s dreaming about coming back once in a while to meet her nephew.

Nicolas is ready to leave the crown in favor of his nephew, but Queen mother stops him. As Micah is just a baby and that might be enough for some rebels to start some trouble. The public may even demand to abolish monarchy.

The Queen mother comes up with a perfect plan. She manages to convince both Grier & Nicolas to get married and claim their nephew as their son.

After some objections, Nicolas agrees and so does Grier to stay married for a couple of years before parting ways.

While pretending to love each other for the benefit of the public, they begin to fall for each other. But neither wants to admit.

When Nicolas sees Grier paying attention to her new bodyguard, he begins to struggle with his new-found jealous feelings. But will they confess their feelings on time?


Minus Points:

The story is what I expected, but a couple of things didn’t make sense to me.

1: How come Grier smuggled a baby out of the country and into another without getting caught even once confused me.

What about the security at the airport? I mean, she’s not someone who does something like that on a regular basis. So it’s difficult for me to believe she so easily did it.

2: I wonder if someone in Nicolas’s position would be allowed to stroll around casually in the nearby palace grounds without security.

I’m guessing there would be lots of security around. How Grier manages to enter such a place is another mystery.

Another issue is Grier seem like a flat character. I don’t think she grew as the story progressed.

All throughout the story she keeps crying for one reason or another. Sometimes I couldn’t even fathom her reasons for crying. A little description of her reasons would have been nice.

So the song dedication for Grier:

Justine Timberlake’s: Cry Me A River.

Don’t worry there is no cheating, it’s only the song that suits her. 😉

Plus Points:

Just like the first one ‘King Me’ is a short and a sizzling love story. I enjoyed reading it. OK, the story is predictable and there are glitches, but I like the writing style, the reason why I’m finishing the series.

I didn’t find many, actually any quotes in this one, that’s sad. 🙁


‘King Me’ makes for a good weekend read and if you fancy romance and HEA this one could be an awesome weekend read. 😉

Hit or Miss: Good.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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