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BOOK REVIEW: Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half by Samantha Grace

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Beau Monde’ series

Just the blurb’s good enough to make me pick the book. Not that I’d have left it after looking at the cover. 😉

The Blurb:



When she returns to town a widow–pursued by an infamous rake, Jake’s debauched brother, and just maybe by himself–Lady Amelia will have a mess and a half on her hands.”

Let’s see if the story matches the intriguing blurb…

Genre: Historical/Regency Romance.

Main Characters: Jake Hillary, Amelia Audley

‘Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half by Samantha Grace’ ~~ Synopsis:  

Once upon a time ago, Jake and Amelia were in love. But due to some misunderstandings and lack of communication, they part ways. Thinking Jake never loved her, Amelia made a rash decision to marry Jake’s best friend. And ends up in a loveless marriage with a man, who paid her no attention.

After her husband’s death, Amelia returns to Jake’s town and tries to keep herself busy by working for the welfare of the orphaned children. She needs funds to support her venture, but it’s difficult to make members of the society contribute towards her cause.

That’s when Jake’s mother invites Amelia to a ball, which she attends with her best friend, Bibi, who’s also recently widowed. Amelia is sure she will be able to persuade the ladies at the ball to ask their husbands to invest in the renovations of the orphanage.

There are two obstacles in her way:

1. How to avoid meeting Jake at his family house. Also, the last time they’d met, she’s considering getting entangled with his now brother-in-law. In anger, Jake insulted her….further damaging their relationship.

2. How to keep Bibi from spoiling her efforts. Amelia understands Bibi’s reasons for behaving the way she does. But Amelia doesn’t want her friend to behave in a manner that would destroy both their reputations any further.

To Amelia’s surprise, Jake apologizes for his previous behavior. And to an extent they resolve some of the misunderstandings that led to Amelia’s reckless decision to marry his best friend.

Amelia begins to dream about marrying Jake, the love of her life. But doubt enters her mind when Bibi suggests, no gentleman will marry a widow. That’s not even an issue for Jake as he’s determined to marry Amelia this time no matter what.

The only trouble is, Jake doesn’t like Bibi and all the trouble she invites. He believes Amelia should not spend so much time in Bibi’s company. Amelia doesn’t like being at the receiving end of endless gossips and hostile behavior from the ladies. But she refuses to leave her only friend. She’s not leaving Bibi’s friendship even for Jake.

The other love story in the book is that of Bibi, who no longer believes in love and tries to convince Amelia too. Bibi is a troubled soul, one who’s ostracized for no fault of hers. Bibi goes around playing the role of the ‘home-wrecker’ as expected.

Anyways, everything works out fine in the end, despite all the twists and turns in the story.

“Someday you will find yourself faced with difficult decisions. You will do your best to make the right choices, but you’ll realize sometimes there are no correct decisions. You must choose the best path and hope to minimize the damage your decision might cause.” ~~ Samantha Grace (Book: Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half)


Minus Points:

The blurb! I got this book only because of the blurb. And it starts on a promising note. But soon runs far away from the interesting description.

I’m not saying, the story isn’t interesting. It is! But why the misleading blurb? I was expecting Jake’s brother to create trouble almost till the end, but that’s not how the plot develops.

There’s a case of too many, twists and turns and misunderstanding (one after another). It makes you question: Why create them when the story could have ended soon?

At first I thought it’s a mystery as I’d not tell why Jake and Amelia is behaving the way they are. Turns out, you might need to read book one to enjoy this one.

Plus Points:

Daniel Hillary, turned out to be a single most interesting character in the book. He’s scandalous! Along with Amelia’s best friend, Bibi. Amelia’s character is just like Jake, nice and quite responsible.

I’m not saying that Jake’s character isn’t good. He’s the nice and responsible guy in the story. Still I got annoyed with Amelia & Jake’s childish behavior. Maybe, we can call this one ‘Historical New Adult’ genre. 😉

All in all ‘ Lady Amelia’s Mess And A Half’ does make up for a good read if you’re not looking for Jake’s brother to create trouble for the lovers.

“I have no doubt which crowd I would gravitate toward. The wicked are much more entreating.” ~~ Samantha Grace (Book: Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half)

Hit Or Miss: A good read.

Ratings: 3 stars/5.

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