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Book Review: Lead Me On by Crystal Green

I don’t think it’s the cover that made me choose this book. It looks weird.

Anyways, since I had the book, I read it. Here’s the review of ‘Lead Me On’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Margot Walker, Chris Barrows.

‘Lead Me On by Crystal Green’ ~~ Synopsis:

Margot is a successful travel writer. She decides to attend the upcoming ten year college reunion with two objectives in her mind:

1: To forget, for however short period of time, that her career is not going great.

2: To help her friend Dani raise enough money via organizing a fun auction to have a wedding of her dreams.

But two things go wrong:

1: Dani doesn’t like the idea of collecting money in such a manner to have the wedding of her dreams.

Margot’s idea hurt Dani’s pride and makes her feel as if she has never achieved anything worthwhile in her life. Even her relationship with her fiancé is normal to the extent that it’s not adventurous enough.

Sensing Dani’s displeasure with the ‘auction idea’ Margot and Leigh quickly changes the event to a fun charity auction instead.

2: The blast from the past happens a day before the reunion to ruin Margot’s mood and plans further when a video after a decade appears on the YouTube.

Margot considers leaving, but she’s sure who’s behind this nasty move.

She decides to go ahead with her initial plan to organize the event she’d planned.

She even comes up with a naughty idea for her auction basket and plans in advance who would win it. Alas! Margot’s plan fails as Chris enters the scene and win her basket.

That further anger Margot and she considered dropping out of the auction at the last minute.

Ten years ago what happened was Chris invited Margot to watch a movie. Margot agreed and after a while they forget about the movie and started making out.

What they didn’t know was, Chris’s roommate had planted a camera in the room, which Margot spotted and blamed Chris for setting her up. Chris tried to explain that he’d no idea. But Margot didn’t listen.

The next day the video was uploaded on YouTube and Margot never forgave Chris for embarrassing her.

Chris wants to talk to Margot so he’d clear the misunderstanding that happened ten years ago. After winning the basket he’s sure he can get her to listen to him.

Of course, he’s another agenda.

Margot goes on a date with Chris and after listening to his side of the story does believe him.

From where Chris is looking that means they’d probably explore their chemistry this time around as the spark is still there.

Margot is reluctant to get into any long term relationship as she has spent all her life moving from one place to another and not stopping anywhere for enough time to maintain any sort of relationship.

Only her friendship with Leigh and Dani has survived the test of time. So she leaves Chris after sensing he wants commitment from her.  


Margot and Clint’s story is appealing, at least for a few chapters.

But it begins to lose its charm once Dani and Riley’s drama erupt in the middle and keep interrupting the main story.

Dani and Riley’s story needs another book, if there’s one. Though, I suspect there’s not much to explore in their story, hence they get squeezed into someone else story.

Chances are Margot and Clint’s love story would not be able to survive on its own either.

What you’d learn from Dani’s character:

Not to believe everything you see or hear. Just because someone’s life appears ‘perfect’ doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Not everyone’s into sharing every detail of their life, good or bad ones, not even with friends all the time.

Yes, someone’s intentions behind hiding truth could be malicious, but that’s usually not the case.

Or you’re one of those people, who are not happy with themselves and for some reason believe if you’d get what the others have life’s going to be amazing.

‘Lead Me On’ is an okay weekend read; something you read for fun and forget once weekend is over.

My obsession with keeping up with the series, gets me in more trouble than I care to land in. 😉

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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