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Book Review: Lessons Learned by Nora Roberts

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Great Chefs’.

“Appearances in food, as in people, are essential. And as in people, they can be deceiving.” ~~ Nora Roberts (Book: Lessons Learned)

It was difficult for me to believe it’s a Mills and Boon novel, considering the size of the book. Mills and Boon novels are at best or worst can only be described as petite.

This is part of the series of books that I asked my friend to choose for me to read as I was choosing unreadable books.

Let’s see how ‘Lessons Learned’ is….

Genre: Romance. Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Juliet Trent. Carlo Franconi.

‘Lessons Learned by Nora Roberts’ ~~ Synopsis:

Juliet is in PR and her latest assignment is to arrange a book tour for a popular Italian chef Carlo Franconi.

Everyone in the industry knows Carlo is not just famous for his cooking skills, but his philandering ways.

Juliet knows that it probably would not be that difficult to gather interest around his new books, considering his considerable charm.

The moment she meets him, it becomes apparent that Carlo can easily charm the ladies and tries to seduce her as well.

But Juliet’s prepared. She knows all that there’s to know about him and has no intention of destroying her career for some fun time with him.

Juliet has big plans for her career. Once this tour is over and done with, she’s planning to open her own agency. For her dream to come to reality, she needs to make Carlo’s book tour a raging success.

In the meantime, she also needs to keep him from seducing her like he does every woman he meets. Men like him don’t commit and she’s not looking to destroy her life or her career by getting involved with him.

Carlo loves food and women too. He hasn’t met one who he hadn’t been able to charm, except Juliet.

It’s clear she doesn’t want to get involved with him, but for how long could they ignore their attraction when they are surrounded by it.


Have I read a more dull romance book than ‘Lessons Learned’, clean read or otherwise?

That’s what I kept asking myself as I continued reading and till the end the answer stayed the same – No. What a torture!

So Nora Robert books in Romance genre are sort of like classics. But I could not get into the story from the start and finishing the first chapter was a torture.

Yes, it’s published in 80s and shouldn’t matter, but it mattered to me as everything about it came across as off to me.

The biggest flaw in the story is the hero – Carlo. Is he a hero or an over-confident jerk? That is the question you’d find yourself asking even before the first chapter ends.

It’s difficult to not roll eyes as the story progress at the antics of Carlo. Now it’s not as if present day Mills and Boon heroes or the ones running around in self-published or romance genre world in general are any more different than Carlo.

But this particular character has all the right qualities to grate on your nerves until you want to hit something – possibly the book or maybe the character itself.

The next time I will first check the year of publication as I don’t think I can tolerate the earlier versions of Mills and Boon novels. It’s just plain dated. There’s a huge difference between dated and a classic.

I did like how the story ends. There’s also no conflict, which I have no issue with, if done right. For that to happen there has to be some emotions. I didn’t find any emotion.

Apparently, there’s also something called instant attraction between Juliet & Carlo. What a laughable thing to say. You’d try to search for the elusive attraction and won’t find it anywhere in the heap of such dull writing.

One is overly emotional about food (boring!) and the other is overly emotional and abusive of some vitamins or other such drug. What?  

But that doesn’t change that I found ‘Lessons Learned’ much more boring than some of the worst Mills and Boon stories I have read till date. It’s not even a time-pass.

“A man and a woman can bring many things to each other but without passion, everything else is tame.” ~~ Nora Roberts (Book: Lessons Learned)

Hit Or Miss: Read It At Your Own Risk.

Ratings: –1star/5.

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