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Book Review: Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Love at Last’

Okay, this is a short read (read: novella) and I do have something against them. I cannot say I didn’t know it’s a novella as I went in search of a short book to read in my Kindle library and found this as I had recently downloaded it.

Let’s see how my experiment of reading yet another novella turns out this time around….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Veronica Cruz; Zack Hubler.

‘Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders’ ~~ Synopsis:

Veronica an elementary school teacher is busy making sure that some people voted for her in the upcoming City Council elections. She wants to win, she knows she needs to win for the sake of families that needs the help that some people want to take away.

So after school hours, she’s doing her best to convert people to her side. But she knows in the back of her head that she’s fighting a losing battle as she doesn’t have the kind of resources her rival has at her disposal.

The reason why she does so much on her own and that too with not much success, it seems, but it’s a small comfort that at least she’s fighting for the cause she believes in.

She gets to a house that seems deserted and without the sign of any candidate in the front yard. It’s a risk to knock on the door of a house that may have a serial killer for its inhabitant.

When someone opens the door after repeated knocks Veronica finds herself staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger, who looks not  pleased to have her on his doorstep. But she’d not leave, not when her opponent along with his family marches towards the same house.

Veronica in panic ends up inside the house and finds out the reason why the man seemed strange. He’s blind.

Zack doesn’t like visitors and does everything in his power to dissuade anyone from approaching his house. He’s a tech-wizard and rich, so he’s living a comfortable life, but alone after the death of his grandfather.

Zack doesn’t go out much and the only time he does socialize it’s online. When Veronica walks into his house he realizes what he’s been missing in his life. He likes her; he likes her reasons for running for elections. So he decides to help her in an only way he can – using his power.

When Veronica finds out who is helping her all of a sudden, she goes to thank Zack and finds herself getting more entangled with the mysterious man she met a few days ago.

The more time she spends with him it becomes apparent that they are attracted to each other. But it seems he’s also hiding some big secrets.


My complaints with novellas are simple enough: underdeveloped characters and world. Not that I can say that the characters in the ‘Loving the Secret Billionaire’ are much developed or that their world is an interesting one.

This time around I did enjoy reading this short read and like the way Veronica and Zack’s love story move.

It moves fast and there are a few secondary characters and interactions. But no one takes the attention away from Veronica and Zack and that makes the difference I think.

I did end up with some confusion towards the ending and wondered if adding a paragraph of two to flesh out the interaction to make it smooth would have helped the story some more.

The dialogues sometimes are strange like in chapter eight Zack begins to interact as if he’s a teenager. I get it that he’s a recluse and in his early twenties, but he’s interacting just fine before the chapter eight, making the reading awkward.  What happened to his language skills all of a sudden?

I also didn’t understand Veronica’s fussing towards the end with Zack’s profession. When the hero or even a heroine turns around so much to please the other in a story, it makes me roll my eyes at their doormat behavior.

As in real life people, neither changes that fast nor not come to regret their decision later on. So the HEA seems superficial.  

For a novella, I say it’s still a pretty good first book in the series. If you’re looking for a sweet, steamy and short read, then you might like reading ‘Loving the Secret Billionaire’ over the weekend.

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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