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Book Review: Luscious by Amanda Usen

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Sexy Chefs’.

I didn’t want to read it. As my impression of Olivia wasn’t great after reading a couple of chapters, then I found out it’s the second book I was reading.

So I abandoned ‘Luscious’ and first read ‘Scrumptious’. 😀

Let’s find out how is ‘Luscious by Amanda Usen’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Olivia Marconi, Sean Kindred.

‘Luscious by Amanda Usen’ ~~ Synopsis:

When Olivia’s personal and professional life takes a twist for the worst, all she wants to do is run away from the mess.

She’s not sure if she can handle all the pressure that comes with running a business.

So she decides to hand over her restaurant to Marlene & Joe and visit her parents in Italy. Probably live there for a while or for the rest of her life, Olivia is not sure yet.

The a few things: she does know is she doesn’t want to run her business or work in a kitchen under high-pressure or return to New York.

She’s overwhelmed, feeling low on confidence and feeling like a failure, especially since her marriage didn’t last either. 

Olivia can’t enter the kitchen without freaking out.

One of her biggest worries is how she’ll inform her mother, who loves cooking, about her new feelings and decisions.

And then there’s another matter, she needs to think about, if not cooking, then what she’d love doing for the rest of her life.

While Olivia’s fretting over how to keep herself from unraveling emotionally, her divorce attorney and childhood friend, Sean is planning to woo her.

He’d turned down her offer to have a fling and is not sure how she’d react now that he’s showing interest in her.

Sean has been in love with Olivia since high school. But he never approached her because he was busy trying to keep his family together. He also turned her down because she’s his client.

So when one of Sean’s clients, provides him with a reason to visit Italy, he decides to accompany Olivia.

Sean’s presence irritates Olivia. She doesn’t need a reminder of having failed in her past.

Olivia’s also not sure what to make of Sean’s sudden interest in her. Olivia can’t believe it! Didn’t he reject her?

But now he wants to follow her to Italy so he can convince her to get into a relationship with him.

She allows him accompany her to Italy. And with each passing day finds it difficult to ignore Sean and his attempts to woo her. Once misunderstandings between them are sorted they start their affair.

But Olivia still struggles to inform her mother that she’s fled from New York and left their family restaurant for Marlene & Joe to run.


I didn’t have much trouble getting into the story after finishing ‘Scrumptious’ and even after discovering my new found dislike for Olivia.

And the credit to for that goes to, Sean for being such a nice guy and secondary characters like Mr. and Mrs. Russo. They are hilarious and do some crazy stuff to drive each other nuts along with people around them.

Now, once again back to the main pair: Sean and Olivia share some similarities. They both fear disappointing people in their life and sometimes continue with burdens no one asked them to carry.

It’s implied that Olivia loves cooking and she’s just having a meltdown because of the recent happenings in her life.

But I didn’t get the feeling that Olivia is passionate about cooking at all. She’s good and that’s it.

Why I don’t think Olivia loves cooking?

By her own admission she joined cooking institution because she didn’t want to disappoint her mother. She does almost everything to please her mother!

No one says no to any of the plans her mother makes for people working for her. Same rules apply to her only daughter.

So when you do something to please someone else while you are not sure you want to do it at all, is it really called “your calling”?

I don’t think so. No, I’m not saying that you can’t be bad at doing business even if you’re passionate about your work.

I believe the one who’s truly passionate about their work at very least try and not run away when things fall apart around them.

Let’s get back to the characters:

Olivia & Sean are both martyrs like putting others first & instead of standing up for their life, continuing with their damaging behavior.

Okay caring for your family members is great. But Olivia has a weird way of caring. She sabotages her life because she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents, especially her mother is heartbreaking.

Instead of simply saying no, she goes to extreme levels to avoid situations like eating strawberries despite being allergic. No surprise, she tried to fix her marriage to a cheater.

After knowing so much about some character it’s difficult to hate it 100%.

I know we are discussing ‘Luscious’ but if I have to recommend a book, then I’ll recommend ‘Scrumptious’.

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings:  3stars/5.

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