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Book Review: Mistress of His Revenge by Chantelle Shaw

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Bought by the Brazilian’

In a pile of Mills and Boon books in a library or a bookstore, it’s a difficult task to find a familiar author unless they are (maybe) popular. 😉

I have read a couple of Chantelle Shaw books — The Ultimate Risk & The Billionaire’s Secret — and liked them. So going with the previous experience I picked ‘Mistress of His Revenge’.

Let’s find out a little about the story…

Genre: Contemporary Romance. Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Sabrina Bancroft, Cruz Delgado.

‘Mistress of His Revenge by Chantelle Shaw’ ~~ Synopsis:

In the absence of her father, Sabrina is doing all she can to hold on to their historic house.

She begins to rent the house for parties and functions that she’d not have allowed if her father was around to pay for its upkeep.

The money and the ideas she comes up with to make the money is running out fast. While there’s no sign of her father showing up and taking away the huge responsibility from her shoulders.

Not only it’s a huge burden of maintaining the estate, but she also needs money for the further studies of her younger brother.

She’s kept the knowledge of their diminishing finances from her brother and that their ever absent father is missing and may have been dead all along.

There’s only one option left that is to begin selling the precious stuff in the house and maybe the house as well.

If her father didn’t show up soon enough, then everyone would know he’s missing for a while and would be declared dead.

As if all this wasn’t enough to keep Sabrina awake at night when her past, Cruz, arrives.

So much has changed in the ten years since Cruz last met Sabrina and almost ended up marrying her.

He’s no longer some poor guy, working in the diamond mines, wanting someone he’d not have. Now he owns the diamond mines that took away the life of his father.

After the death of his father, Cruz with his hard work manages to drag himself from the clutches of poverty and provide a better life for himself and the rest of his family.

It seems everything around them has changed except the irrational attraction between Sabrina & him. But this time he doesn’t want to get involved.

Instead, he has a goal to find the map that would lead to the interiors of the mine, he along with his business partner bought from her father.

Sabrina doesn’t know what map Cruz is talking about and she doesn’t like that he’s in her house, stirring memories she’s long buried. She wants him to leave her alone. But it’s clear he’s not leaving without the map.

When he finds out about her financial condition he offers her an out that she’s determined not to take.


Oh my! This one after a while reads like a dark romance sort of plot and made me wonder what it is doing in the Modern line of Mills and Boon. Shouldn’t it be somewhere else like Blaze series? 😉

Anyways, I liked Sabrina & Cruz. They have their insecurities and demons to fight along with the sizzling chemistry.

I was not sure I would like this story as it reminded me of another one like this – Vows They Can’t Escape. The two story lines are not similar, but they do have their moments.

While it’s a good romance story, I still found something weird like Cruz all of a sudden mentioning that he knows why Sabrina agreed to his ridiculous offer.

If he knew then why he does not think of her reason, even once while he’s busy thinking ‘she never wanted me because I was poor.’

Then he drops this little nugget out of the blue in the plot. Before that he’s busy obsessing over that she left him ten years ago because she never cared for him.

This was an unexpected and unexplained twist for me. And what happened to Cruz, wanting the map. I know its romance novel and all, but I had trouble keeping my mind away from the map. 😀

Despite this, ‘Mistress of His Revenge’ is the kind of romance novel you’d read in one sitting.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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