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Book Review: Mystery Date by Crystal Green

“Too many people in love don’t think, that’s why they don’t stay together.” ~~ Crystal Green (Book: Mystery Date)

Turned out ‘Mystery Date’ and ‘Lead Me On’ is sort of related to each other. I was happy that I picked both books.

So let’s find out how ‘Mystery Date’ is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Leigh Vaughn, Adam Morgan.

‘Mystery Date by Crystal Green’ ~~ Synopsis:

Leigh is a successful chef with her own television show.

But somewhere in her heart she feels resentful of playing second fiddle, first with her late elder sister and then to her friends Margot and Dani, in college days.

For once she wants to break free and do something adventurous. So she takes part in the auction as well.

When one of the sorority sisters buys Leigh’s basket in the auction on the behalf of a mysterious guy, Leigh is doubtful of saying yes.  

Despite harboring some hesitation, Leigh decides to go on a ‘mystery date’ with the mystery dude as it’s an adventure after all.


Adam aka Callum saw Leigh once ten years ago and he’s sure he probably would have talked to her if he’d stayed at the college.

But things in his life turned for the worse and he had to leave even before getting to know anyone.

At present, Adam is still mourning the death of his wife. He doesn’t like to date and most of his relationships don’t go any further than few chatting online.

For Leigh, he’s ready to break some of his rules and decide to invite her in his world.


There are still rules that he will follow and wants her to follow as well:

Adam gives Leigh a false name, Callum. Despite being in the same house, he stays in the shadows and communicates with Leigh over the phone.

He is also super careful about not providing any personal details about himself that would make Leigh connect the dots leading to him.

The idea of being in the same house and not seeing Adam sounds adventurous and exciting to Leigh.

So for once she decides to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the mystery meeting with a mysterious admirer of hers.

They continue playing the hide and seek game until neither of them could keep up with the game.


Let’s begin with the plot, which didn’t work for me at all. Not because it’s erotica sold under the disguise of contemporary romance novels.

Sometimes I wonder is there any difference between the two categories these days? Or ever was?


Don’t expect much from the plot of ‘Mystery Date’ as it fails to fall in either category: contemporary romance or erotica. Consider yourself forewarned, it’s not that cover is not doing a good job of telling what’s inside. 😉

Not that there’s anything wrong with not falling in any one category/label, but the story, at least has to be interesting (& not misleading).

Add continuous meddling from characters such as Dani and Riley and you start wondering if Leigh and Adam’s story is weaker than that of Margot and Chris’s story?

Subtract Dani and Riley’s story and it’s probably a novella, which probably would have, at least, managed to entertain.

I’m still wondering how the man, who refused to let go of the grief over his dead wife for years, got over it in….I don’t know, couldn’t calculate the time….within days or maybe minutes.

Now that’s certainly a mystery! 😉

I have nothing against happy ending (or the idea of falling in love with someone’s voice or the image you end up forming). I read these books just for the happy ending,s but…..some endings leave much to be desired.

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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