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Book Review: No Desire Denied by Cara Summers

Series: Book 3 in the series ‘Castle MacPherson Series

Another one I picked without checking if it’s a standalone. I decided to read it, hoping that I wouldn’t feel something missing while reading.

Let’s begin the review of ‘No Desire Denied’…

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

Main Characters: Nell MacPherson, Reid Sutherland.

‘No Desire Denied by Cara Summers’ ~~ Synopsis:

“Careful what you wish for, it might come true.”

A long time ago, Nell wrote down her wish (fantasy) and hid it around MacPherson Castle arch.

According to a legend, “making out under MacPherson Castle arch guarantees finding love”.

Nell’s not sure if writing down her wish counts, but still she made a wish involving her crush Reid. Reid didn’t show any interest in Nell back then, so she moved on with her life.


Nell is a renowned children’s book author and everyone loves them. She lives life independent of her overprotective family and loves all the freedom her success gives her.

Her life in general is moving smoothly until one day Nell gets another cryptic message. Nell dismissed the first threatening note as nothing more than a prank.

But this time the sender is threatening to harm her family if Nell refuses to find some heirloom — a sapphire necklace.

After reading the anonymous letter Nell is equal part fearful, angry and excited. She’s fearful for the safety of her family and angry because someone dared to threaten the peace and quiet of her life.

Since she’s writer, she feels there’s a story even in the scary incident unfolding in her life. Maybe someday when all of it is over, she might write about it too.

At first Nell didn’t want to raise alarm because her family would have become over-protective of her.

As much as she loves them, she doesn’t appreciate being treated like a child. As far as she’s concerned, she can take care of herself.

But the threat this time can’t be dismissed as a prank. Not after Nell finds out that someone tried to kill her sister Piper.

All of a sudden, the possibility of harm is too real and it’s important to catch the person sending threatening to Nell and trying to kill people she loves.

It’s time to take professional help and who’s better than Secret Service Agent Reid and their long-time family friend.

Growing up Reid always tried his best to protect Nell from any harm. And after finding out about the Threats she’s getting Reid is determined to keep Nell and her family from harm’s way.

They return to the castle MacPherson as it becomes clear that whoever wants the necklace would kill to get it.


While reading I kept remembering television series ‘Charmed’. No one’s fighting demons in this book.

Maybe because of the three sisters involved and the story have a bit of paranormal element in it, which makes the story more interesting.

Not much, but a touch of magic to keep the readers of paranormal/romance intrigued. 😉

The book is a part of a series and while reading it you do get the feeling as if you are missing some information.

Though, the author has done a good job in providing background information.

But I’d still love to read the other two installments in this series.

What can I say about Nell & Reid other than, they make a good couple.

Consider reading the series from the start so you won’t suffer from the desire to know about the other two sisters while reading this one.

I enjoyed reading ‘No Desire Denied’

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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