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Book Review: Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride by Sheri Whitefeather

Series: Book 3 in the ‘Billionaire Brother’s Club’.

It’s not difficult to tell what kind of story you’d find inside. I expected something like Kat Cantrell’s the ‘Best Friend Bride’.


Genre: Contemporary Romance. Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ McQueen, Max Marquez.

‘Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride by Sheri Whitefeather’ ~~ Synopsis:

Lizzie and Max have been friends for a long time. Both are also well aware of their inconvenient attraction towards each other.

But a long time ago, they agreed not to ever act on it and lose their friendship as it matters a lot to both of them. Max is the only person who knows all there’s to know about Lizzie’s past and why she avoids commitment.

In Max’s case Lizzie turned out to be an unlikely ally of a guy, who had no one to rely on while growing up. He shared all the grim details of his past with her. They could lean on each other when needed.

Over the years, Max has become rich thanks to his investment in the tech industry early on. But when all the money didn’t give him any sense of peace, he takes a break to find himself and lands in an orphanage.

In the orphanage, he finds the peace and a little guy who steals his heart. He wants to do something for the orphanage and the kid he cannot forget.

He suggests to Lizzie that she should try to help the orphanage and visit with him.

After some reluctance Lizzie agrees. Lizzie doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to interacting with the children and she’s not sure of her visit to the orphanage.

But when she lands in the orphanage and meet the children, especially Max’s favorite kid, she too gets invested in the idea of helping the kid find parents who would love him.

After coming back from the orphanage Lizzie and Max do their best to find the couple who wants to adopt a little boy, but could not find anyone fulfilling the criteria.

That’s when Max comes up with the idea that they should get married so they could adopt the kid. Lizzie thinks Max’s idea is terrible as he’s also suggesting divorce after some time and that would be cheating.

But Max believes it’s a perfect solution to their predicament. Since they are already friends and would understand the terms of the marriage of their marriage, the chances of them turning hostile after the divorce are next to none.

He thinks they would be great parents even after they would dissolve the marriage. After some thinking Lizzie begins to see the merit in his plan and agrees to get married for the show.


When I started reading, I thought I would love this story. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for the story went downhill when I realized that there are no emotions. It’s all emotionless telling and nothing more.

The plot continues to move at a bland pace, adding this or that situation and character and yet not becoming interesting enough. If I’m correct these stories are about the main characters falling in love. Something both characters continue to avoid up until the end.

Actually, their falling in love, sometimes I thought, was in the background and not in the forefront as it should have been.

‘Paper Wedding, Best-Friend Bride’ is a story that belongs to any or every secondary character that shows up, except the main characters.

Before I forget, the blurb I read on the back of the book I got is not just misleading but it seems to belong to some other story.

It’s implied that Lizzie, who doesn’t even seem to like kids, wants to adopt, when inside, the story is different.

As I have mentioned above, it’s Max, who suddenly suffered the itch to adopt and tried to get away with the con.

Another thing that didn’t go as per the blurb – it’s not Max who realized he wants a real marriage, but Lizzie. I do not like this ‘tug-of-war’ not getting resolved up until the very end.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 1star/5.

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