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Book Review: Passion by Sandra Marton

Series: Book 2 in the ‘In Wilde Country’.

ReadingEmilyor ‘Power’ wasn’t all the great. Yet I thought it’s a good idea to this one too.

Or maybe I thought, let’s just read and remove the books once and for all. I don’t remember the reason now.

Anyways, let’s proceed with the review of ‘Passion by Sandra Marton’… 

Unlike most of his siblings, Matteo is sure he’s happy single. When New Year celebrations with his family begin to make him uncomfortable, Matteo decides to go back to his own world.

Away from the talk of love and all things that accompanies it and back to his work as a corporate attorney.

But soon enough one of his clients and a childhood bully, begins to pester Matteo to get him divorce from his wife.

Matteo doesn’t want to give in to the demands of the man, who he doesn’t even like or want as a client in the first place.

And what advice, a corporate attorney can give on a divorce or the stability of someone’s wife’s mental state.

But in the end, Matteo agrees to at least meet them. The woman, Ariel, at a glance does look as if she needs help. But Matteo’s not sure if she needs the kind of help her husband is suggesting.

After a while, he begins to wonder, if the man just wants to get rid his wife anyhow possible. That too is not his department or concern. He leaves, but not before giving Ariel his business card.

The very next day, the guy storms into Matteo’s office and demands to see his wife.

Matteo is confused, but is sure the guy’s somehow trying to pull him into a mess. He goes back to his business as usual until he gets a call from a hospital.

Turns out, Ariel, ran away from her husband’s house and ends up in an accident and except for cash and Matteo’s business card, doctors found no ID, so they called him.

Matteo wonders why Ariel would run away from home and with nothing but cash & his card.

He thought about calling her husband, but he knows the kind of person her husband is. So Matteo decides to first check up on Ariel.

Upon reaching the hospital, he gets new information that Ariel’s lost her memory, which she may or may not recover. He’s told not to tell her anything he knows about her, to prevent her from getting shocked.

If only Matteo knew anything at all about Ariel other than few surface details and his own observations. But he takes the responsibility to keep her safe and soon begins to wonder if she’s in an accident or it’s a murder attempt.

Matteo doesn’t have much proof, but he wants to keep Ariel, safe, so he begins to dodge an unknown threat. How right his guess is, only Ariel can tell, that is if she gets her memory back in time.


The same kind of problem persists in this story too. I’m finding this series too fantastical, even for a fictional world, to believe much of anything.

Somehow the characters, especially women, seem to have no touch with the 21st century, except the gadgets. The characters are fine. OK, only Matteo is described in detail, since the story is from his POV, so his character is developed.


Ariel’s character’s development is non-existent. She’s also almost not there. She’s just a shadow, waiting to be discovered and saved.

In the beginning, her character is over-shadowed & trivialized by her abusive husband; afterwards the knight in shining armor Matteo does the same thing.

Her side of the story is missing and I didn’t like it at all. When I had read ‘Power’ I had this exact same issue, but back then I couldn’t pin-point it.

But reading ‘Passion’ cleared the fog in my mind and I realized why I’m not enjoying these stories as I usually do.

Its clear Ms. Marton writes powerful male characters, but not the female characters. Either they lack personality from the start or start losing it once they meet the hero.

Another issue is the female characters just hang around, as if to fill in the blanks of the happy ending. I didn’t get their chemistry at all.

I think I have issues with instant attraction in such plots. I ran into exact same ‘chemistry issue’ 😉 in Broken ~~ Cynthia Eden‘.

If you like dated Mills and boon, then you might like these.

Hit or Miss: Ok.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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