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Book Review: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire by Natalie Anderson

Series: Book 5 in the ‘Nights of Passion’.

“No one truly wants a lonely life. Not many people chose to reject the possibility, the hope of love.” ~~ Natalie Anderson (Book: Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire)

This story is part of 3 in one box-set I downloaded on Kindle. I know I should stop, considering they don’t seem to live up to my expectation of even a decent read.

But I keep trying….

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Sienna, Rhys Maitland.

‘Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire by Natalie Anderson’ ~~ Synopsis:

Sienna is sick of everyone treating her as if she’s made of glass and would break anytime. Considering her heart condition, people in her life are worried for her well-being and she understands their worries.

But their worries were suffocating her. So she decides to take a vacation and explore the world around, something she didn’t get the chance to do before like her peers. She makes a list of things she wants to do and lands in Sydney.

One of the things on her list is to have a fling with someone who doesn’t know her or her medical condition, so she’d not be treated with suffocating care.

While in the bar with her fellow travelers, Sienna’s eyes meet that of a handsome guy and its lust at first sight on both sides.

Rhys is on a holiday from his demanding career as a doctor and his unwanted status as a local celebrity.

He’s also recovering from the betrayal of his ex who sold his privacy to tabloids. When he spots Sienna, he’d not take his eyes off her.

After debating with himself, Rhys decides to approach Sienna under the disguise of being someone else. He’s on a holiday, she’s on a holiday and if she doesn’t know who he is then a fling won’t hurt either.

But afterwards, doubts begin to plague Rhys…what if she knew who he is and seducing him was her plan all along.

Sienna’s happy that she crossed something off her list. But she’s not expecting Rhys to follow her to her hostel and ask questions.

When his doubts are clear, Rhys asks Sienna to spend some more time with him. Sienna doesn’t want to, not if it means there’s any chance of him seeing her scar.

Then he’d want to know how she got it and then the vicious circle of being treated like a glass would begin again.

But Rhys insists and with their chemistry still burning, Sienna decides to take a chance. She’s leaving soon anyway.


 Minus Points:

For a subject that should have moved fast, this story moves slowly. Sienna & Rhys do have chemistry…perfect for the ‘fling’, but not enough to make it serious, so the ending seems artificial.

I didn’t get Sienna’s persistent pest like attitude ‘I’m a good listener so I will push Rhys to open up’. Wrong attitude, people doesn’t open up about their secrets, unless they feel safe and trust the other person.

Rhys character also doesn’t have enough personality to play a wounded hero. He’s part of the ‘blink & miss’ brigade. This plot has lots of potential as an erotica though.

Plus Points:

In all this negativity, there’s a tiny ray of hope: I liked the heroine. She’s no doormat, but assertive and feisty.

For a Mills and Boon hero, Rhys character isn’t bad, just typical forgettable one you’d encounter soon enough.

Before I turn any more negative, maybe I should just finish the review. 😉

Hit or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings: 1stars/5.

Buy:  Amazon  

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