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Book Review: Power by Sandra Marton


Series: Book 1 in the ‘Special Tactical Units Division; In Wilde Country’.

“Only a man who questions without understanding that which he questions is stupid.” ~~ Sandra Marton (Book: Power)

My response to Emilywas lukewarm. So I hesitated to read this one, but then I thought let’s get over the task instead of wasting too much time debating ‘to read or not to read’.

Let’s move on to the review…

Genre: Contemporary Romance; Mills and Boon Romance.

Main Characters: Tanner Akecheta, Alessandra Bellini-Wilde

‘Power by Sandra Marton’ ~~ Synopsis:

Tanner is training hard to get as fit as possible to get back into a secret elite military unit called S.T.U.D. — Special Tactical Units Division.

He’s getting upset for not getting the response he wants from his seniors. So when his senior officer calls him, Tanner’s sure he’s getting back into the team.

After reaching his senior’s office, Tanner finds a General waiting for him. Soon Tanner finds out what General wants from him. It’s not the one news he’s wanted, he’s not getting back into the elite team.

At least, not before he gets General’s daughter, who’s kidnapped in a war torn region in Central America, back home safe.

Tanner for a short while toyed with the idea of saying no to the mission. He wonders how all of a sudden it doesn’t matter if he’s 100% fit to go into the field, but not back into the team.

Yet he’s a soldier first and fighting for the country and saving lives is what he does best. So he says yes to the mission and gets ready to save the General’s daughter, Alessandra.

Who Tanner dislikes even before meeting her for two reasons:

1: He’s met her kind before….spoil, rich and not doing anything in life other than coming up with fancy professional titles for themselves.

2: She’s rich and probably getting herself in trouble is her hobby.  

Passing a judgment on how she lives her life is not his job, but he’s prepared to deal with rich spoil brat if he’d to.

On the other hand….

Alessandra, who joined a new found organization to save animals, in hopes of doing something good, lands herself in trouble for breaking a rule.

She’d never thought one wrong move would make her a prisoner of a couple of goons.

Since no one knows about her powerful estranged father and rich brothers, she’s sure no one would be able to pay the ransom to save her.

She does think about getting out of her situation, but it seems like a dream to get out of her predicament alive. Until….

A stranger rescues her and later Alessandra finds that her father somehow got the information about her kidnapping and sent Tanner to save her.

Alessandra is grateful for being saved, yet it’s clear, Tanner dislikes her for some reason. And once in a while taunts her about landing herself in trouble, which she doesn’t like.

For a while she doesn’t know what Tanner’s problem with her is. He should not have any as they have never met before.

Turns out Tanner got the impression that she’s a fur designer, in the forest to kill some poor animal.

That’s when Alessandra shares the real reason behind her decision to visit the trouble region.

The attraction that was brewing before finding out what Alessandra does gets a bit out of hand after Alessandra shares the real reason to be in the area.

They are sure, or at least, Alessandra, is that they could explore their attraction out of the danger zone, but one after another obstacles keep coming in their way.

So the question is if Alessandra and Tanner would find love with each other after getting back to their normal lives.

“Loners never wanted welcoming committees or worriers in their lives.” ~~ Sandra Marton (Book: Power)


The story moves at a nice pace and it’s exciting to read. It’s not difficult to start caring about what happens to the characters.

Both, Alessandra and Tanner are interesting.

For some reason, I just couldn’t relate to their instant love connection. It’s ironic as that’s the kind of stories I read a lot and this one isn’t that different.

Anyway, these kinds of things happen, some books are not for me.

One detail that did bother me is: Alessandra’s brother’s luxury breach house in a place that’s in a war torn region. It’s not safe to live there and house could easily become den for the goons. So why’d someone create a house in such a place?

I’d only think of one reason that is the owner of the house is somehow involved in the politics of that region. My guess, of course, could be wrong. The author is the one person who’d explain this strange detail, maybe in the next books.

If you’re into novels that are weaved around never ending family members (think Sullivan series by Bella Andre) and you’d like reading it.

Another requirement is to believe in love at first sight & HEA — the fiction world style. 😉


Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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