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Book Review: Princess’s Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli

Series: Book in ‘The Chatsfield’ series.

I didn’t bother much about spending time, deciding if I wanted this book. Its cover looked similar to Billionaire’s Secret and I recognized the author.

I have read a couple of Carol Marinelli in the past. So ‘Princess’s Secret Baby’ got checked out along with the few others.

Let’s if Princess’s Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli’ lives up to the expectations…

Genre: Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Princess Leila Al-Ahmar ; James Chatsfield.

‘Princess’s Secret Baby by Carol Marinelli’ ~~ Synopsis:

Princess Leila lives a lonely & loveless life in the palace filled with her parents, her brother and all kinds of people to maintain it. Her mother never showed her much love after the death of her elder sister.

One day Leila decides, she’s not going to live in a place where no one cares or love her. So she runs away from the palace and lands in America, clueless about life in general.

James, who’s sort of spying on a competitor’s hotel, looks at the head turner walking towards him and decides his visit’s not a waste of time. Sparks fly instantly and both decide to get better acquainted.

Afterwards it dawns on James he might have become a target of some crafty reporter and he soon would be reading about every salacious detail of the night spent.

A freedom is what Leila’s after when she’d landed straight into the arms of James Chatsfield and not a baby.

Now Leila’s truly alienated from her family, who wants nothing to do with her. She can’t go back. She’s stranded in an unknown country, with no means to support her or skills that’d help.

James finds out about Leila’s pregnancy and decides to keep the princess, especially his baby around, is to marry Leila.

So he does the right thing and proposes her publicly to manipulate her to agree to his plan. It’s a meeting of two people, who craved for love and never got it.


All in minus this time around, which disappoints me as I have read two novels by the author before and enjoyed them.

Let’s begin with the title, which, of course, shouldn’t be: ‘Princess’s Secret Baby’ as the secret ceased to be a secret when it becomes a tabloid headline.

Second: Leila, the innocent, sheltered princess, comes across more as a stupidly arrogant character than anything else. Apparently, the princess has no idea how to put on the buttons on her clothes or the worse that medication of all sorts Expires.

She’s no friends, who talks or have ever browsed internet, but she’s a nerd.

I found it difficult to believe that just because the character is a princess from some conservative country that means she’s stupid.

So I did some research on young royal these days, especially from conservative countries.

The impression I got is simple: most of them are in the public eye and seems far from naïve and are travelling the world.

How one is supposed to maintain stupidity in such environment?

Of course, Leila’s so ‘innocent’ that she ran away from the palace with a credit card (mind you, which made me wonder how she realized that she’d have to pay.

Didn’t she grow up snapping her fingers to get what she wants? You minion…yes, you! Go pay. And landed straight into James lap for a one night stand. 😀

The author probably was aiming for a (super-duper chaste) character (just because Leila’s from a conservative country…hmm that seems awfully like falling for stereotypes).

Unfortunately, it’s one of the stupidest characters I have had the misfortune of reading about.

Leila’s naiveté (extreme stupidity) is unrealistic for someone who’s born into riches.

I’m pretty sure someone in her position would have spent at least some part of her childhood visiting other countries with her parents.

No matter how much her mother hates her. She’s living in a palace not in a dungeon as the author seems to want us to believe.

Leila’s stupidity isn’t endearing; it makes for painful eye-rolling moments.

I wish I’d find more faults with James character too. But he’s another forgettable Casanova from Mills and Boon world.

Then there’s another small unresolved issue of why Leila’s brother’s dropped from nowhere girlfriend ousted their affair.

Apparently, Leila decides she doesn’t want to know; hence the poor reader has to make peace with not knowing either.

I don’t have much regard for decisions idiots like Leila’s character make, so I don’t care what she doesn’t want to know…I wanted to know why her brother backstabber her too!

How come the editor didn’t see all these loose ends?

I’m done fault finding now, time to end this madness. 😀

Hit or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings: 1stars/5.

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