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Book Review: Royal by Jemma Grey

“Long distance relationships never worked. Especially between a royal prince and a common journalist.” ~~ Jemma Grey (Book: Royal)

This one I read at the start of my Kindle Unlimited subscription and when I went after ‘royal love stories’. Don’t ask, crazy times…crazy ideas. 😀

Let’s see how ‘Royal by Jemma Grey’ is:

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Royal Love Story.

Main Characters: Sarah Abernathy; Prince Alexander Leonetti.

‘Royal By Jemma Grey’ ~~ Synopsis:

Sarah visits Monrovia to interview the King. But at the last moment, he cancels the meeting, leaving Sarah worried for the future of the magazine she works for.

They need this interview to further develop their readers’ interest in their magazine. It’d have helped the tourism of the country too.

When King’s PR officer asks if she’d consider interviewing one of the princes instead, Sarah says yes. Thinking if not the King then why not the young Prince Alexander; at least it’d generate the interest of female readership.

Sarah’s not prepared to interview the prince, but she decides to improvise as best as she can. 

Sparks fly when the prince walks in and with his easy charm convinces Sarah to accompany him to a charity gala that’d give her more insight into the life he was born into and lives.

Before attending the gala with Alex, Sarah thought Alex lives a dream life.

Her view changes after experiencing first hand how frustrating it is to lead such a public life.

His family too has problems, problems that the royal family doesn’t want the public to know. And there’s the weight of too many responsibilities on his shoulders.

Sarah’s glad that Alex allowed her a glimpse into his world that’s carefully veiled from everyone else. But she’s not sure if she’d agree to see him again.

The memory of her ex’s betrayal is still fresh in her mind and she doesn’t want to get hurt again…this time by a prince and possibly publicly.

She likes Alex, he seems sincere, so Sarah decides to give him a chance and their courtship begins. The more time they spend with each other the more they are convinced that they are right for each other.

Alex introduces Sarah to his family and is disheartened to know that his mother doesn’t approve as she’s a commoner.

But Alex’s determined to marry for love and not marry the person his family wants him to, now that he’s found love.

Sarah’s not happy with his mother’s disapproval, but she believes Alex when he assures her that his mother would come around.

Their love story’s almost running smoothly when Sarah begins to get threatening messages warning her to break off with Alex or…

Will Alex find the culprit before they manage to break their relationship or harm Sarah?


Minus Points:

There are two conflicts, first fails to add suspense and excitement to the dull storyline and the second one I’m still wondering why is there, it makes no sense.

Sarah is a journalist and for some reason the author wants the reader to believe that she didn’t research Alex or his brothers because her assignment was only to interview their father – the king.

You want me to believe that a journalist would not research the entire family? Or rather would be happy to interview an elderly married king when there are two eligible bachelor princes around?

Think about it, what would make for an interesting magazine or any story: an interview with their father or one of the single princes?

I’m not even surprised that the fictional magazine is not doing well. How would it when the editor does not seem to have a good sense to pick a good story.

Also, most journalists would have gathered all the information available in the public domain about the royal family members they’re going to interview.

But of course, the epitome of respecting everyone’s privacy, Sarah didn’t. She stuck to her topic that was King so she had no idea what she could ask Alex. (Psst….unbelievable!)

I couldn’t believe this scenario at all, not in the beginning and certainly not around the end. Hence, the ending where she felt bad about Alex not telling her about his very public engagement is flimsy. Why it’s even added…to add more pages?

I’m spotting a trend in a fictional world where journalists are running wild in search of a prince. Once a prince comes into the picture they seem to lose all their common sense like it happens in Royal’s American Love. Almost similar story of abrupt ending!

The writing style isn’t exciting at all. It’s flat, devoid of emotion when it comes to bringing in the romance. And certain sentences seem repetitive throughout the story.

Like: I’m so happy that I met you! OK, I get it the first time whoever said it. Can we move on with the story? Both characters, Sarah & Alex, are boring.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

Buy: Amazon

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  1. Hi Jovita,

    I just recently went through this stage. At least one of them I loved reading. Maybe would find some more good royal love stories. But right now I think the ones I have read are enough.

    Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  2. I go through the ‘royal love stories’ phase every now and then. I actually just downloaded one last week on Kindle. Thanks for the review, I’ll make sure to pass this one up. Have a wonderful day.

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