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Book Review: Salazar’s One-Night Heir by Jennifer Hayward

Series: Book 3 in ‘The Secret Billionaires’

“Sometimes that’s all you need….that one person who believes in you – who gives that unconditional love.” ~~ Jennifer Hayward (Book: Salazar’s One-Night Heir)

‘The Italian’s Deal for I Do by Jennifer Hayward’ I found okay. But I did like ‘Changing Constantinou’s Game by Jennifer Hayward’ much.

Let’s find out what’s ‘Salazar’s One-Night Heir’ is like…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Cecily Hargrove, Alejandro Salazar.

‘Salazar’s One-Night Heir by Jennifer Hayward’ ~~ Synopsis:

Ever since one of his friends almost died in an extreme sport accident, Alejandro and his friends are busy reviewing the way they live their lives.

When his friend Sebastian challenges the rest to spend some time living life without their fortune, they all agree. Alejandro gets the task to work as a groom in the stables of his family’s enemy number one.

To Alejandro, it’s also an opportunity to find out the truth about the lineage of Hargrove family’s horses.

His task to take the DNA proof and send it for testing doesn’t take him much time. Afterwards, all that’s left to do is continue the charade and bid his time without getting caught.

Getting involved with the Hargrove heiress Cecily is not a sensible move at all. But it’s also pretty difficult to ignore her and her determination to win the next competition.

Cecily loves to compete and that’s all she knows. After an accident, she’s having trouble training her horse. With the competition date coming nearer Cecily is getting impatient and irritated.

The new groom in the stables is making her mood even worse with his commentary on how she should handle her horse like he knows more about horses than she.  

But all her efforts to get her horse back in the peak competitive form are failing, so she decides to listen to the new guy Colt.    

Colt didn’t want to get involved with Cecily by sharing his knowledge of horses. But he also couldn’t see her struggle.

Now that she wants him to help her with her horse and all of a sudden it becomes difficult to ignore their attraction.

One night is all they agree to spend before going their own ways. They may not have crossed paths anytime soon, but when Cecily finds out she’s pregnant, she wonders how she’d find Colt to inform him of this new development.

It doesn’t take long to find out that Colt doesn’t exist and she should have stayed away the man who does exist. But it’s too late now.

Once Alejandro finds out about the pregnancy, he wants Cecily to not just move in with him, but marry him. Cecily doesn’t want to as it’s not necessary.

But she also knows that’s the sensible thing to do as her father may not be happy with the new development. Now she’d have to pretend to love a guy in public who swears he doesn’t want to fall in love ever.

Also, she’s managed to land herself in the middle of their family feud, where neither party is willing to give in and move away from the past.


When you read a story by a known author, the last thing, you expect is not like it or find it lukewarm.

I kept reading ‘Salazar’s One-Night Heir’ as it’s not boring, but it’s not interesting either. It’s lacking the emotion and passion that I was expecting. All the ingredients are there, yet everything appears so flat for some reason.

I liked the plot. It also reminded me of Nancy Herkness’s ‘Wager of Hearts’ series. But the likeness ends there. While I enjoyed reading ‘Wager of Hearts’ much, I cannot say the same for ‘Salazar’s One Night Heir.

I liked Cecily and Alejandro characters, just not enough to enjoy or even like the story.

I liked Alexandro’s character more for not becoming hostile like some characters do in the revenge plot tropes. Even his grandmother is nice for not treating Cecily terribly because of all the revenge drama going on.

So the characters are nice, there’s drama, there’s chemistry and yet the whole reading experience was lukewarm for me.

As I keep mentioning the new trend of dragging ‘falling in love’ is tiresome and comes across as fake at times.

After all, it is fiction and I highly doubt romance readers read romance because it’s so real.

“No relationship retained that shinny, newly purchased glow. Whether boredom, friction or simply like turning to dislike, all good things come to an end.” ~~ Jennifer Hayward (Book: Salazar’s One-Night Heir)

Hit or Miss: Okay.

Ratings: 3star/5.

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