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Book Review: SEALed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge

Series: Book 4 in the ‘SEALed’ series.

“There was money to be made in war and reason to pursue victory as inefficiently as possible.” ~~ Mary Margret Daughtridge (Book: Sealed Forever)

I didn’t like the cover. But thought, once in a while, I should pay more attention to the story than the cover. Not really! 😀

I just picked it because the cover’s in a good condition and checked out of the library as I was in a hurry.

After getting home, I started wishing that the story is hopefully good.

So let’s find out how is the story of ‘SEALed Forever by Mary Margret Daughtridge’…..

Genre: Romantic Suspense.

Main Characters: Dr. Bronwyn Whitescarver, Garth Vale.

‘SEALed Forever By Mary Margret Daughtridge’ ~~ Synopsis:

Bronwyn always wanted to become a doctor. She becomes one after years of work & hardship, which resulted in debt, she’s finding difficult to pay back.

Her parents could have helped. But they refused to help her get into the medicine as they believed she’s too sensitive.

She loves her job of helping people, but fast becoming disheartened with the ways her profession works.

She can’t function in such a system. She’s wondering if she should quit or start her private practice.

There seem to be no way out of her worries as she has yet to pay the debt and setting up private practice would require money too. That kind of money she does not have.

She’s also dealing with the grief of losing her fiancé, while he’s on one of his undercover missions.

For a while, Bronwyn decides to leave her worries behind and just enjoy the happy occasion of her best friend’s marriage.

At the wedding, she meets her friend’s mentor and when the lady offers Bronwyn a deal to chase her dream, she takes it. Bronwyn packs her bags and shifts to a small town to start her private practice.

Bronwyn is still settling in her new house, that produces strange noises, when an unknown man knocks on her door asking for her help.

Bronwyn’s first instinct is to refuse as something about the situation seems strange. But the guy insists that she should check the little girl he has with him.

Bronwyn doesn’t want to get involved as the baby looks ill & she’s not a child specialist. So she tells him to take the baby to the nearest hospital. 

But the man keeps insisting and Bronwyn agrees as she doesn’t want the baby to continue suffering.

Though, the man insists that he’s the baby’s father, there’s something about his evasive behavior that makes Bronwyn decide to keep the baby in her care until she’s sure.

All the time she is wondering what she’s gotten herself into and when would be the right time to call in the authorities.

Once upon a time, Garth used to be a SEAL and proud of his work. But ever since a mission in Afghanistan went wrong, almost costing his and his team member’s life, his career is going nowhere.

Even after his research he’d not find out why he can’t go back to his old position. But on one of his latest undercover missions, he finds an unconscious baby hidden on a spy plane.

He doesn’t know what to do with a baby, but he does know one thing that his bosses will not be interested in finding anything about the baby or how he got rid of her.

He thinks about leaving her at some hospital, but he couldn’t. So he takes the baby straight to the new doctor in the town.

He’s surprised to find his friend’s wife’s friend there and a sudden feeling that she’s the right woman for him.

Its clear Bronwyn doesn’t remember him. Nor does he want to remind her. The less Bronwyn knows about him or the baby the better.

When Bronwyn refuses to allow him to take the baby with him after the treatment, Garth decides to stay around for a while too.

Now that he’s realized that Bronwyn is the one, it’s not such a bad idea to spend some time around her.

Bronwyn’s neither believes Garth’s story about the baby nor his sudden confession of his love for her. There’s something about him that reminds her of fiancé, who’s an undercover cop and kept a large part of his life a secret.

All the secrets and the absence, is not something Bronwyn believe she wants in again in her life. Now she wants an almost uncomplicated relationship, devoid of secret missions or deadly secrets.  

But Garth seems bent on proving to Bronwyn that what they’ve is real. That’s when begins his new mission to make her see how bad her decision to continue as a doctor in a small town is.

“Trauma happens to all kinds of people. There is no job, no way of life that will guarantee you won’t die suddenly.” ~~ Mary Margret Daughtridge (Book: Sealed Forever)


Minus Points:

This teaches me a lesson on ‘why not to pick a book just because it’s not in a bad condition’. It’s difficult to find one with a cover that looks new from the library and I need them for shooting pictures. 😀


Let me begin my rant on why this story just wasn’t for me.

1. It’s slow from the beginning. The supernatural thing going on in the beginning is the one that made me roll my eyes. I’m not saying I don’t believe in intuition, but in this story all of it seems unconvincing.

It seems the strangeness continues, giving an impression, maybe the author wanted to add paranormal dimension to an already overcrowded story that’s going nowhere.

2. I didn’t like Garth and Bronwyn. They’re hyper boring alone and as a couple.

3. The supporting characters are no better than the main ones.

4. The dialogues are ‘stale & still water’, thanks to the absence of emotions.

5. The major flaw: Garth begins to rearrange Bronwyn’s life just because of the instant case of lust. After finding out about this charming trait of his, liking Garth became difficult. I didn’t get his babble ‘she’s the one!’ either.

6. This story just doesn’t seem like a romance. I’m blaming Garth’s character. Not that Bronwyn’s character is any better.

7. Then there’s a thinking dog, almost. Really? Since I’m no dog lover so maybe it’s just me who didn’t get the thinking dog.

I wonder in which category to put this book, romance, women’s fiction or a story of a dog?

I’m no fan of romance books with babies, but this one becomes a bit interesting & tolerable when the baby shows up.

And I found some good quotes. 😉

Hit or Miss: Get it from the library.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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