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BOOK REVIEW: Sweet Serendipity by Kelly Curry

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Rich, Royal & Rebellious’.

“Sometimes, it is not what one has already experienced, rather the promise of what is to come that titillate the most.” ~~ Kelly Curry (Book: Sweet Serendipity)

I was reading a couple of books and getting annoyed with them, but, not enough to abandon them. 😉 Because it was probably, my bad mood, not the stories. So I needed a light distraction.

I can always count a romantic book or some Chick-Lit. But Chick-Lit was what I was reading for a while, so romance novel it was.

That’s when I started going through my Kindle Unlimited subscription collection and opened ‘Sweet Serendipity’. I don’t remember downloading it, I thought. But of course it was me. 😉

Let’s see how ‘Kelly Curry’s Sweet Serendipity’ is…did it save me from boredom…. 😉

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Royal Love-Story.

Main Characters: Grace Martin; Lucian ‘Luc’ Sauvage.

‘Sweet Serendipity by Kelly Curry’ ~~ Synopsis:

Grace always wanted to open her own message therapy clinic, but couldn’t afford to do so. So when she gets an anonymous donation, she goes after her dream, without questioning where the money came from.

Since life is turning out good, she also decides to take a small vacation and visit Paris. While she’s in Paris, she arranges to meet her online friend, Louise, who writes poetry.

Grace lands at Louise’s home and is surprised to find he lives so lavishly. Another surprise awaits her….Louise’s elder brother.

When Luc finds out that Louise withdrew fifty thousand dollars from their father’s account, he gets on to find out where they went. Soon he traces the money to Grace and set up a trap & invites her to Paris.

Luc comes to the conclusion that Grace’s in the business of duping rich gullible young guys. But not anymore because this time, he will teach her a lesson.

For a while, Grace believes Luc is Louise and wonders why he appears so distant and rude at times. Soon she finds out she’s meeting Louise’s elder brother, who has formed certain opinions of her and her profession. 

She just wants to leave, but Luc informs her, the only place she’s going to be, is prison. Luc accuses Grace of asking Louise to steal the money and give it to her. She’d not believe the mess she’s landed in.  

She never asked Louise for money. But she too quickly comes to the conclusion that Louise is the anonymous donor of such a generous sum.

She recovers enough to offer to pay Luc all his money, as soon as she’d arrange it. She’d have to sell her dream, but staying out of prison is much more important. To her disappointment, she finds, Luc seems bent on teaching, not just her, but his younger brother, a lesson too. 

Louise interrupts their heated clash when he returns to get his passport. Luc changes tune and informs Louise, he invited Grace to attend his birthday party.

Grace goes along with Luc’s lie, not wanting to cause any scene. She feels helpless and doesn’t know who to call for help when Luc confiscates her passport and banish her to a tower. Very Beauty And The Beast like! 😀

Grace has no other option but to wait it out and see if Luc will consider her offer to pay him when she gets back to the U.S. In the meantime, what’s wrong with attending Louise party?

Before Grace knows it, she gets entangled in the lives of Sauvage men, helping Luc’s father start walking again, steering Louise’s interest towards his childhood friend’s direction, away from her and trying not to want the one man she should dislike.


I had no expectations from this book, thanks to my misadventures in this sub-genre: The American’s Royal Love & Royal Secrets. But ‘Serendipity’ surprised me pleasantly, just like Alexander & Rebecca did once not so long ago. 😉 I didn’t get what’s going on in the beginning. But I’m glad I finished the first chapter. It all makes sense!

By then it was too late and I was too involved in the story to leave it. I left a couple of other books I was reading, just to finish Grace and Luc’s whirlwind romance. 😉

The pace of the story is fast and engaging. If you like modern fairy tale romance stories, then you may want to check out ‘Sweet Serendipity by Kelly Curry’.

“Love can be painful….especially when you realize the one you love’s heart can never truly be all yours.”  ~~ Kelly Curry (Book: Sweet Serendipity)

Hit Or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4 stars/5.

Buy:  Amazon

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