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Book Review: Take One Arranged Marriage by Shoma Narayanan

“Being married automatically shut out the rest of the world, even if it didn’t bring you any closer to the person you were married to.” ~~ Shoma Narayanan (Book: Take One Arranged Marriage)

I have wanted to read at least one book by the author for a while now. But after not being able to find her first book in any of the bookstores, I forgot all about it.

Back then I didn’t keep a journal just to write down titles I’d like to read.

Now that I do, I rarely consult it, but I clearly love the idea of having it around for some reason.

Anyways, even after finding the book at the library, first time I hesitated, second time I considered getting it and finally the third time I grabbed it.

Thinking too much sometimes results in no action at all. Better get the book before you’d have to wait for it. 😉

Let’s see how ‘Take One arrange marriage by Shona Narayanan’ turns out…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills And Boon.

Main Characters: Tara Sundaram, Vikram Krishnan.

‘Take One Arranged Marriage by Shoma Narayanan’ ~~ Synopsis:

Tara’s not happy to find that her parents are going ahead with their plan to find a suitable husband for her. Despite, agreeing to allow her to study further.

Sometimes she considers leaving her parents behind to chase her dream of becoming an environmentalist.

But she never leaves as she knows her mother would have to suffer the blame for her actions. Another trouble is, she’s a good girl and not into breaking societal rules.

Tara still doesn’t like the idea that her father actually answered a matrimonial ad to find a groom for her.

Later, Tara finds out that her father answered the ad because that particular ad’s given by his boss for his only son.

Tara for the sake of her mother agrees to at least meet the guy. She ends up charming his parents with her wit. Their son didn’t come along them as he’s not in the town.

Their son’s due to arrive the next day. Tara sees an opportunity and decides to meet him without any interference from his or her parents.

She catches him at the airport and instantly falls for his good looks thinking at least his parents hadn’t lied about his ‘tall dark handsome’ status.

Tara finds out that Vikram is not into the arranged marriage idea, but has his reason to go with it. What a pleasant coincidence! 😉

Maybe they could come to some understanding. All Tara wants is the freedom to continue her studies after marriage and Vikram has no problem.

All he wants in return from Tara is a peaceful marriage with no expectation of love. For some reason (not provided) he is not interested in falling in love. That suits Tara just fine.

But after a while Tara ends up in a predicament:

How to not fall in love with ‘tall, dark handsome’ dude, who’s officially yours, and unfortunately have deadly irresistible qualities like being nice, understanding and kind?


I enjoyed reading the story, despite that fact that I still maintain my stance that when a protagonist runs away, it makes for a far more entertaining story. 😉


I understood Tara’s reasons to not run away and settle down with Vikram more than Vikram’s non-existent and flimsy reason to not want to fall in love. Ever!

When I sat down to think about the review, I found, there’s no good reason provided to justify his madness. There’s no mention of him practicing ‘stoicism’ or pining for the ‘one who got away’ or being hurt in love.

His character seems relieved that his ex girlfriend left him sooner than later. His ex is portrayed as some jealous, possessive, etc., meaning not the kind of person one would want to spend their life with.

Which is fine, but it still doesn’t explain Vikram’s insistence that he and Tara have a ‘sane’ marriage devoid of love.

Since he’s a Harlequin hero, chances are his resolution to not fall in love is only to satisfy a particular style all characters in these novels follow.

If you’re ready to overlook this small issue, it’s worth the time reading ‘Take One Arranged Marriage’.

Also, it’s one of those sweet romances where there’s not much conflict between the characters, yet it manages to capture your attention and keep it.

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4stars/5.

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