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Book Review: The Best Man by Natasha Anders

Series: Book 2 in the ‘Alpha Men’

I liked ‘The Wingman’ but not that much. But it’s a new series and I’m still a bit high from reading ‘The Ruthless Proposition’ the reason why I’m trying this new series.

Let’s find out a bit more about ‘The Best Man’….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Daffodil McGregor, Spencer Carlisle.

‘The Best Man by Natasha Anders’ ~~ Synopsis:

Daff is getting tired of her close relatives reminding her that she’s into her thirties and has yet to achieve anything in life. Most of all she’s not married. Daff is more concerned about the directionless future she’s staring at.

She started working at a boutique at the age of sixteen. She’s the longest standing employee of the boutique. Daff loves fashion and all, but of late, she’s feeling restless – the thought that she’s achieved anything worthwhile in life is the reason.  

The thought that makes her most restless is that she doesn’t even know what she’d want to do if she left the boutique. While she’s struggling with her newfound restlessness, she’s yet another challenge to face – Spencer – the best man.

She used to like giving mixed signals to Spencer since teenager years. It’s not a secret that Spencer had a crush on her for as long as she’d remember till he stopped trying to woo her.

Since she’s one of the maids of honors in her younger sister Daisy’s upcoming wedding, she’d have to tolerate Spencer’s presence. After finding out that Spencer used his brother to distract Daisy, so he’d flirt with her, Daff is fuming.

Daff is determined not to cause any scenes due to her dislike of the guy. She’s actually not sure if she likes him or dislikes him. He does seem like a nice guy, even if she’s not in the mood to like him anymore.

Spencer is the man of few words and those words leaves him alone when he in the company of most people, especially Daff. Spencer has a crush on Daff for the longest time. Once he even thought maybe he’d a chance with her, but not anymore.

She’s certainly not a woman of his dream, but someone bent on finding ways to insult him even without provocation.

But soon they find out that they cannot get through their siblings’ wedding, avoiding each other as they have to organize the bachelorette and bachelor parties. 

The more time he spends with Daff the more he finds her unpredictable. Daff finds herself falling for the nice guy Spencer is. But she wants to keep their relationship a secret and no strings attached. In her experience, most guys are nice until they are not. 


I didn’t want to write this review – it’s a difficult task.

I was expecting more from this book, even if Daff and Spencer barely registered on my radar when I met them in ‘The Wingman’.

For the first 50 percent nothing happens and by that I mean no information is revealed that’s exciting enough. The worst part, Daff & Spencer don’t have enough chemistry for even lust, forget about the love part.

You would read continuously about ‘how Daff no longer trusts men or how all of them are not worth it’. The author keeps Daff’s reasons for thinking like that under wraps as if it’s a matter of national security.

Even after it’s explained, frankly, I couldn’t sympathize with Daff as I just couldn’t see her like a doormat the author wants to portray her as. It’s not explained at all, why Daff feels she needs to please her boyfriends.

I also think Spencer got major attitude change in ‘The Best Man’. He comes as brash in ‘The Wingman’ and in this one the author wants you to believe that he’s shy, serious and silent type. I kept thinking what happened to the character I read in the last book.

The second half gets interesting only for a while, just when a secret is revealed. After that it’s same old snail’s pace.

Since Daff & Spencer’s story isn’t interesting enough, you would read a lot of secondary characters’ chatter. There’s even POV from Lia & Sam’s side too.

Lia & Sam’s story does seem interesting, but I’m not sure if I want to read as I hate reading much about crowd in a Romance novel.

Also, I don’t have to read the next in the series couple’s POV to get the other book. If the previous installment is good enough, then any reader would check out the next book. No need to hard sell anything.

And how come all three (Lia seems like one too) sisters are doormats? I know…I know doormats sell like hot cakes in Romance and in Chicklit genre. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

What I really want to read from the author is something like ‘A Ruthless Proposition’ with loads of tension, drama and chemistry. That’s the reason why I started this series.

It seems this new series and the author’s new casual writing style devoid of most emotions isn’t for me.

Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 1star/5.

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