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BOOK REVIEW: The Dragon King and I By Adrianne Brooks

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Fairest Of Them All’.

“When I was a little girl I never dreamed of heroes. I didn’t dream of heroes, but I dreamt of freedom. I dreamt of a sky that never ended and home that wasn’t single place, but rather a sense of belonging that followed you no matter where you went.” ~~ Adrianne Brooks (Book: The Dragon King and I)

I downloaded the title for two reasons:

1. I read ‘Fairest Of Them All’ alongside the title and started thinking about sleeping beauty (this one isn’t about her).

2. The title also reminded me of ‘Thea Harrison’s Dragon Bound‘, which I loved reading, so I downloaded this one too.

It’s raining dragons on this blog, I guess. I just reviewed ‘Dragon Bound’ last week. 😀

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy.

Main Characters: Alexandria Greyson, Samuel.

‘The Dragon King and I by Adrianne Brooks’ ~~ Synopsis:

Alexandria has a problem the one that’s ruining her dream of living a normal life like other girls her age. Whenever she gets out of the house, men start following her, wanting to become her knight in shining armor. Just by walking on the street, she attracts attention of almost all the guys in the neighborhood.

Another trouble is, soon or later some of them dies for wanting to get close to her or please her with their antics.

Alex is sick of seeing all this mayhem around her. She doesn’t know what’s happening. Over the years she’s come to the conclusion that she’s cursed. How else to describe men’s fascination with her even when she’s trying to hide? So she stays locked in her apartment.

Her mother wants her to get out of the apartment and start living a normal life like everyone else. For reasons unknown to Alex her mother refuses to believe that she even has any problems. 

There’s no other way to explain away what’s happening around Alex all her life. Her one and only friend arranges for Alex to meet a psychic to find out if there’s a cure for her condition.

Alex skips the appointment and only decides to go when a crazy guy lands outsider her apartment threatening to break in. When he’d not get in, he kills an old guy in the building.

Whether she believes in the medium or not, one thing is clear she’s not safe in her apartment anymore and she needs the cure sooner.

Since she skipped her appointment with the psychic, Alex has been banned. But Alex finds out some new things about her heritage:

1. Magic and supernatural creatures are real.

2. She’s also a magical being as is her mother.

3. There’s really something wrong with her. But what that she needs to find out and soon.

Alex finds her fairy godmother. Turns out her fairy godmother had blessed Alex when she’s born, so Alex would find true love.

Something went wrong and blessing turned into a curse. To cure the gift/curse, Alex will have to go on a quest and search for some ingredients to get rid of the curse.

To help her with her search, fairy godmother sends a knight. Or rather the dying Dragon King Sam. Sam is immune to Alex’s cruse.

Then a third magical being joins their team and starts filling Alex’s mind with questions regarding Sam’s identity and his trustworthiness.

But she trusts Sam even if she’d not explain it. Not sure if she trusts the other guy though. As it turns out she can trust Sam, but not the piper.

Alex along with Sam continues her scary Quest to find all the magical ingredients needed to cure her curse. Soon she finds herself falling for Sam, but he’s dying. And his people are dying trying to keep him alive, there’s nothing much anyone can do, so he’s trying to help Alex.

It seems she’d have to give up on love if she wants the cure to the curse that’s haunting her as long as she’d remember.

“There are moments when two people will have the exact same thought. It isn’t through any sort of psychic connection. It’s just timing really. Sometimes it’s cool, like when it happens between best friends.” ~~ Adrianne Brooks (Book: The Dragon King and I)

Playlist Dedication For Alex:

It’s Raining Men ~~ Geri Halliwell  (keeping up with the dark humor plot-line of the book) 😉


The near end, I was almost scared that there’s no happy ending. But I continued reading and was happy to find that it’s there. After all the twists and turns and mayhem…phew….you’ll get the happy ending. 🙂

It’s not a light sweet romantic kind of fairy tale…it’s bit a dark and twisted. If you like your fairy tales with a twist…this is a good one to start with. If not, then try ‘Thoroughly Kissed‘ this one is sweet.

“Everybody is trapped in his or her fairy-tale and it’s up to them to make their own happy endings.” ~~ Adrianne Brooks (Book: The Dragon King and I)

Hit Or Miss: Hit

Ratings: 4 stars/5

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