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Book Review: The Look of Love by Bella Andre

Series: Book 1 in ‘The Sullivans’ series

I found out about Bella Andre’s ‘The Sullivan’ series sometime back in 2013. Loved the blurb and the cover art on the books I had seen, so I wanted to read at least one to see what the hype was about.

It took me two years to find the first book. I picked all three books when I spotted them in the library. Choosing books, of only a particular author, are always a risk when you’ve not read any of her books before.  

Anyways, let’s see how ‘The Look of Love by Bella Andre’ is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Chase Sullivan, Chloe Peterson.

‘The Look of Love by Bella Andre’ ~~ Synopsis:

Chase, after celebrating his mother’s birthday along with his siblings, is going back to his elder brother’s place.

It’s in the middle of the night, there are few who are on the road going somewhere. It’s raining heavily, when Chase spots a wrecked car.

Standing beside the wrecked car is a woman, drenched and doubtful of accepting Chase or any unknown guy’s help.

Chase wants to get to his brother’s house as soon as possible. But he cannot leave the woman behind in such weather.

Since Chloe has no other immediate options available, after a bit of hesitation, she decides to accept Chase’s help.

Chase takes her to his brother’s winery, where he’s staying to shoot his new project.

Chloe has reservations about trusting her gorgeous rescuer. She believed in a fairy tale once upon a time ago and it turned out to be a disaster. A disaster, she’s running away from.

Chloe plans to leave the next morning and file a complaint against her ex-husband. Instead, she ends up staying and helping Chase with his photo shoot.

Chase never cared about settling down before. But after meeting Chloe, he begins to entertain the idea. He knows it’s too soon and she doesn’t look ready for that kind of commitment.

But he’s resolute on what he wants, even if he’d have to wait for her to trust him.


Some Reasons it’s Not Your Type of Book:

In case you couldn’t ask logical side of your brain to take a short-vacation, you might come up with some questions.

I’m wondering if I should supply those questions. I encountered them when I started writing the review.

Let me state it, I have nothing against either love or lust at first sight stories.

The latter, you can explain easily, but explanations get complicated (& confusing) when it comes to love at first sight, in life or fiction.

Sometimes I think in fiction love is probably much trickier as you have to convince the readers that it is there.

Reason no 1: Chase falls head over heels in love with Chloe immediately after meeting her. I found it unbelievable.

Reason no 2: Then I had trouble over-looking how fast Chloe falls in Chase’s arms or in love.

The reason: Her abusive past. Chloe’s running away from her abusive ex-husband. She’s in an emotionally abusive marriage for 10 years and one day her ex comes back to haunt her. This time he’s not in the mood to use emotional abuse.

Due to past hurt, Chloe doesn’t want to get involved with any man, leave alone a man, who seems too good to be true and is sure he’s fallen in love with her.

Maybe adding that they get their happy beginning after a couple of months (or getting to know each other for at least a year) would have made it believable.

Some Reasons it’s Your Type of Book:

Reason No 1: You are a romance junkie, then chances are high you’d love reading ‘The Look of Love’. It’s a pure escapist romance.  

Reason No 2: It’s nice to read about a hero falling head over heels in love with the heroine. And not running around giving reasons why he shouldn’t.

Reason No 3: Because you know romantic fiction is for entertainment and not learn to solve complicated mathematical equations.

Reason No 4: You demand happy ending/beginnings, no matter what. You want HEA and don’t mind the presence of too much cheese in your fiction. Unfortunately, I do mind.

Reason No 5: You’ve read a lot about the series and believe it’s time to at least read one. In that case, maybe pick another one from the series and keep your fingers crossed.

Now the Review:

I enjoyed reading ‘The Look of Love’ the first time I read it. I got so engaged reading the book that not once I stopped to think why this or that is happening. But…

Then I got the awesome idea of reading it again. I can’t vouch for the second reading of ‘The Look of Love’. The second time I could not digest or overlook the instant love and the cheesy ending.

This one is recommended reading for the romance readers and those who with happy endings/beginnings addiction.

Hit or Miss: Readable.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

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